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"We attack the mayor with hummus."
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February 28 2011

CTRL-ALT-DEL explains everything. As with Castle, so with life.

I understand the need for more Nathan Fillion in everything, but I'm still having trouble with the concept of needing more CAD. There are two versions now? Save our souls.
I've followed CAD for years, I even have a couple of the books signed by Tim Buckley. Still, even I recognize the notion that "CAD Sucks" (TM). And the idea of two strips is silly (pun intended). However, if looked at as separate entities, I really like the sillies.
That is so true...
I feel like we, as a species, now have a purpose. We must carry Nathan's awesomeness to the stars !

(look at documentaries like 'Independence Day' or '2012' - most alien invaders/natural disasters just don't know how awesome he is, if they did they'd never do anything to jeopardise him. Therefore, Nathan Fillion is our last, best hope for not being obliterated by things with tentacles or the end of the Mayan calander)
I didn't really need to be convinced of this .... especially after watching last night's Castle, in which I was once again reminded that Nathan is a really fine and deeply subtle actor (even in a role that doesn't often offer opportunities for subtlety).
What Shey said.
I'm with Kairos. It pains me to see Nathan Fillion's name in a CAD strip.
Ha! I love it. :)

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