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February 28 2011

Fangirl Magazine's podcast interviews Alan Tudyk. Various topics are covered, inc. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, Firefly, and how he wasn't a geek until baptized by Joss. Starts around 12 minutes in.

Bizarre moment for me was listening to him describe an aspect of the plot mechanics in Serenity that exactly echoes what I was arguing in 2005 when some fans were pushing back against there being more than one death.
Please elaborate, b!x, for those of us who don't have the patience for podcasts: what was the "aspect"?
I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have the "patience" to listen to something for not very long...
Some of us don't have the time. I'm curious too, so may try & find time. :_)
Great interview. Is the way the interviewer pronounces Alan's last name correct? It was very grating because she says it about 12 times wrong (my assumption). I always thought it was pronounced "too-dick" and not "tuh-dick".
I've always heard it too-dick. I swear even Nathan and Joss say it that way.

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