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March 01 2011

Know your Avengers. Don't have a clue about the major players in the movie? Well IGN Movies has compiled a handy primer.

I've been looking for something like that - yeah I'm a total newbie to the Avengers outside of the two IronMan films so yeah I figured I'd need to do some research upfront. so YAY @simon for posting this. Now I feel like I am a little less without knowledge.
This was just what I needed, since I am not a big comic book fan, other than Spike, but the only thing I need to make a trip to this movie is Joss. Thanks Simon for posting.
That was a really nicely done explanation. It was funny and good looking. Too bad it had to come from a media source. Gee, are studios even doing publicity anymore? (Unless... it could be it's some sort of...super secret studio information web that I don't have the clearance to know about.)
This is going to be Ultimates, isn't it? Bleh.

I want some Wasp and Giant Man.
BreathesStory, considering the Avengers movie doesn't come out until the summer of 2012, I imagine Marvel Studios is focusing on promoting Thor & Captain America (both I would imagine you should be able to understand without any knowledge going in).
So before you padlock yourselves inside your nerd bunker and swear off all contact with human females

Yep, that's right, all nerds are straight men. Or lesbians at a push.
This year's Comic Con in July I bet will have a big Avengers presentation.I also bet Joss and the cast will be there and the first footage from the film could be shown then.Plus Captain America:The First Avenger comes out that weekend too.

The big promotional push for The Avengers will begin by Comic Con,I'm sure.

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Anyone who can recommend a Avengers comic for a Marvel newbie? Something that will introduce these characters or similar Avenger teams(I heard that The Avengers have different characters at different times)?
Skytteflickan88,right now there are four core Avengers Books.

Avengers(the core big guns)
New Avengers(the more street level series)
Secret Avengers(the black ops group)
Avengers Academy(the next generation in training group)

I guess a good place to start though is hunting down a trade of the early issues of the series.The Essential Avengers Volumns for example.

I've been reading a lot of the current stuff by Brian Bendis on and off since Avengers Disassembled back in 2004.I follow a lot of the big events such as House Of M,Civil War,Secret Invasion,Dark Reign,Siege and the upcoming Fear Itself and read The Avengers tie-in issues since these events are Avengers centric.
I know less about this movie than I thought I did. No Wasp? That's almost as disappointing as no Edward Norton.
redeem, Maria Hill wasn't in Ultimates. In reality this is just "every superhero we've made a movie out of plus perrenial Avenger Hawkeye". It's weird having it without Hank Pym but I guess they don't want to walk all over what Edgar Wright and co are doing.
Can't I at least have The Vision?
Edgar's Ant-Man is a more low-budget Marvel thing, yeah? If Pym is separate from Wasp in the film, I can see the two of these releasing in time for The Avengers hopeful sequel. That would be a huge ensemble to service but Wasp especially (from the little I know about her) would be worth the trouble.
Matt_Fabb, yeah I know. Thor and the Captain are first. But last year Marvel had their Big-To-Do announcement to stir up the genre fans, actors participating in the various films are getting asked questions about being in The Avengers, and interested and curious people who wander the internet looking for information are left looking at a big "A" on the official site. That's all there is. An "A." It just seems to me kinda...non-proactive and non-responsive. If I was them, I'd want to be in control of how the film and it's characters are hyped.
Yeah BreathesStory but if they hype the movie up too soon before its released they could end up oversaturating us long before its released and killing all potential buzz.
eddy, I understand that there's a danger/fear of product fatigue. But there's HYPE! and then there's lower level basic info for the casual curious types that leads to good feelings and the beginnings of legs. I don't think it needs to be an all or nothing thing. "Everyone" already knows the Avenger Character lineup. It's not like it's a big secret who's gonna be in it. I just think it makes sense for the official site at this time to have some nice basic info like the posted article above instead of...well, nothing at all.
Yeah, Tony Stark, who's been a superhero for 3 years is the more experienced veteran than Captain effin America.
I wouldn't recommend reading Civil War if you're a complete newbie to comics but it is freaking fantastic and available in trade paperback now.
BreathesStory, this film is based on a well-documented property, and we know plenty about it already - the hype's been building pretty well in my opinion. Not to mention that there are three big tentpole features (if you include Iron Man 2) effectively acting as adverts for this film. Marvel doesn't really need to put more than a big A on the site. (Don't most people just look this stuff up on Wikipedia anyway?)

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