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"Oh no. Is that dragon thing behind me?"
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December 31 2003

Tom Lenk in "Window Theory" (trailer) Warning: the trailer loads rather slowly, so be patient.

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Also see the IMDB entry.

Looks like he's playing the nerdy goof again. :-)

Well, I watched the entire trailer, and I still have no idea what the movie is about. In fact the only thing that I did notice is that I think the music that's playing in it is the same music they were using for the Angel trailers at the beginning of the season.
Oh, and that Tom Lenk is once again typecast as a big nerd.
Don't remember if that was the music on Angel, but it was prominently featured in the "Rock" iPod Ad.
Does any one know the name of the song? It's been everywhere lately, but I don't even know who sings it.
It's "Are you gonna be my girl" by Jet.
Thank you! I owe you my first born child...or something. :)

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