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March 02 2011

Mark Ruffalo talks about Hulking Out in the Avengers. He talks to The Telegraph about the evolution of his career, and also about the process of digitally bulking him up to play the Hulk.

Thanks, this is a really great article.
Wow. I guess if he's a method actor, he's got plenty to pull from for playing Bruce Banner. People sure are amazingly strong.

So, I'm feeling quite comfy with him playing the Hulk. (That's all that matters, right?) I've liked him ever since I saw him back in 1997's "On the 2nd Day of Christmas." He was compelling even then in the "slightly" cheesy Christmas movie. (Yep, one of my guilty secret, seasonal favorites--pretty much because of him and Mary Stuart Masterson together. They share an endearing sort of awkwardness.)
I noticed something, aside from all the obviously noteworthy things about the man himself...

'The Avengers will be shot using a technique called “motion capture” whereby he’ll be digitally transformed into the Hulk at the same time as playing him.'

Is it just me, or does this sentence sound like it was written by someone's grandmother, who had never heard of CGI before two weeks ago?

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The Daily Telegraph is a right of centre broadsheet, very much the kind of paper your conservative (big and small 'c') middle-aged management type buys so a slightly stuffy attitude to "new" technology isn't entirely unexpected (going by the date this may well be a feature from The Sunday Telegraph but the principle holds).

And Jesus, the guy's not had what you'd necessarily call a blessed life has he ? "Into every life a little rain..." and so on but i'd say he's had way more than his quota, hope things keep going well for him, he deserves it. I was a bit sceptical of his casting at first and i'm still not entirely convinced but a) Joss is happy and as we've seen from his other projects, Joss can cast like a... big casty thing and b) seeing/hearing/reading him interviewed he seems not only pretty grounded as a human but also to know his business (and he's funny and has a sort of easy intelligence about him that'll play well in the part I reckon).

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