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March 02 2011

(SPOILER) Major Avengers scoop from Latino Review. Pretty big spoilers if they are right. Ain't It Cool has some more info including news about a trailer.

Sounds great to me! I like the idea of using villains and plot points introduced in other Marvel films to tie all of them together in the Avengers film.
sounds good to me. I like that they tie everything together.
If it were anyone other than Joss, I'd be worried.
Loki has always been one of my favorite mythological characters. Love this.
Um, Joss writing and directing Loki as his prime villain? Oh hells yeah. A little disappointed that these things inevitably leak long before their creators would like them to ("they beat me up, they stole my lunch money," a great scribe once said about internet spoilers), but I'll admit I've been checking this site regularly for just such updates. Can't wait.

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I don't think the villain-leak is that big a deal. A good superhero story isn't going to hinge on WHO the villain is, more WHY that matters to the heroes.

Looking forward to this. Loki = awesome.
Wasn't this revealed a few months ago?
Simon,the Skrull's have been rumored for a while but this is the first time that one of these sites are outright confirming it.Same with Loki.There have been rumors that Tom Hiddleston
might be in the movie but this is the first time that someone is saying he is the main baddie.And this is the first time anybody is reporting how Loki and the Skrull threat supposedly connect.
Someone told me that the actor who plays Loki revealed ages ago that he would be in The Avengers but no one picked up on it.
Joss is doing an epic! Gosh, this film will make my mind explode. Vital to see Captain and Thor more than anything else it seems too.

Is anyone else stupidly looking forward to the opening and end credit sequences just to see his name?
It's a lot to cram in. I know Joss is good at putting several seasons worth of detail into a couple of hours (see Serenity and Dollhouse Season 2) but even so.
Sounds like a short tour of the Marvel universe, on speed and explosions.
Dude is walking on a highwire in a big tent filled with every comic book lover on earth, for sure...but of course he's the right guy for the job. I'm really more concerned with a good set-up from Thor and Captain America, but was reassured when Joss did some writing on the latter.
How reliant is this, really? Cause everybody is treating it as fact... Just asking.

Not exactly confirmation but watch the first question and answer on the video.
Sounds gigantic! So looking forward to this film. Hopefully very long running time (2.5hrs.+).
Personally I'm hoping for a 90 min Michael Bay style blow everything up with massive amounts of CGI so you can't even tell who's who in the final big fight, not like you'd even care cause most of the characters are so thinly drawn they make the actresses feel fat. And that was my joke. Thankfully Joss is onboard so it looks like none of the above is gonna happen, despite the HUGE chance that anyone else could just as easily have succumbed to that kind of trap. Not every blockbuster needs to be empty and relient on the big named heroes and villains. With this kind of ensemble it makes Serenity look like an episode of the Golden Girls!!

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