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March 03 2011

Stellan Skarsgard confirmed for Avengers. I'm sorry but I couldn't find this information in English. This is from Sweden's second largest evening newspaper, and they say that Stellan Skarsgård is confirmed for Avengers. He will play Dr Selvig, the same part he plays in Thor.

Translation of the first paragraph:
"The Avengers" is the dream team of superheroes, a group consisting of among others Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America and Thor. The film is planned to premier in 3D in May of next year. Stellan Skarsgård confirms to TT Spektra that he will play the same role as in the upcoming "Thor": Doctor Selvig. Not much is yet known about the character apart from that Selvig is a scientist in New Mexico.

The rest is basically just a bit of the cast list, a mention of Joss, and a bit of Avengers trivia.

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Not much is yet known about the character apart from that Selvig is a scientist in New Mexico.

... who apparently doesn't die in 'Thor' since he's in 'The Avengers'. Mild spoiler maybe ?
He's Mamma Mia man. I liked him in that movie.
He's also the father of Alexander Skarsgård, who is mostly known to you Americans as some vampiric viking on True Blood, if I've heard right. I remember him being on some silly Swedish hospital drama back in the day. I think it was called Vita Lögner (White Lies).

ETA: Saje - This is Marvel. And Joss. We can't be sure that Stellan's character doesn't die in Thor and is then brought back.

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True enough GreatMuppetyOdin (though i'd say it's indicative but yep ambiguous enough to not necessarily be a spoiler).

(Simon's not an American BTW, for his sins ;)
Towards the end it also says that Thor will premier in Sweden one week before the US premiere. Nice...
I think the three films I remember Skarsgard in the best are: "The Hunt for Red October," "Good Will Hunting," and "Ronin". He was good in all of them. : ) (Didn't see "Mama Mia".)


I'm thinking I'm going to have to work on my self control here and just not look at any threads about "The Avengers" if I want to see "Thor" and "Captain America" relatively unspoiled. ... Sheah, like that's really gonna happen. ;P This tie in thing is problematic. It's sooo hard not to look! (I didn't even know he was gonna be in "Thor". Not until this thread anyways. ;-) )
Stellan Skarsgard has been in many movies and is a good actor. He was the teacher in Good Will Hunting and I believe he's going to be in the Dragon Tattoo. He was also in Pirates of the Caribbean, Bootstrap Bill. Yes, he's the father of Alexander Skarsgard, Eric in True Blood.
Awesome news. One of my favourite actors.

ETA: Assuming it's real - Expressen isn't exactly known for its fact checking.

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Sorry to go a bit off topic, but all this talk of different countries got me thinking about Captain America: The First Avenger...

How are they planning to market a movie by that name outside of the States? He's not exactly a well publicized character out here in the rest of the world, and many find the concept of a superhero named after one of the most powerful countries in the world a bit silly/scary on the surface. This is the phenomenon that was parodied in Team America: World Police. I personally look forward to the Cap'merica movie a great deal, but I'm afraid I might be one of few. Releasing it out here as just "The First Avenger" would take care of the title problem, but the guy is still running around dressed in a flag. I suspect that might be a difficult sell in countries that don't have stars and stripes on their flags, even moreso in countries where patriotism is considered dangerous in large doses, as well as countries where patriotism is reserved for the own country (fancy that - imagine if someone tried to market a movie called Captain France in the USA).
A European trailer for Captain America would have to really emphasize that the movie is aware of the philosophical dilemma surrounding the character, in order to make people go "Hah, Captain Amer-- Wait-- Oh, it's actually saying something about it? Alright, I guess I'll go check that out then". If this issue isn't adressed in the movie and its marketing, I'm afraid it will almost certainly flop internationally. That's not to say it'll suck, just that it runs a great risk of being unsuccessful outside the states.

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@Muppety- I know I read somewhere that they will be changing the title in some countries to "The First Avenger". Russia and South Korean were mentioned in the article I read. That doesn't fix the problem of him wearing a flag, but its something...
It'll be interesting to see how it's handled in Germany, too. I seem to recall something about not mentioning ze war...
Heh ;).

(though kidding aside, that's a bit of a myth)

Haveta say, at risk of drawing the ire of the cousins I suspect something overtly patriotic about America will fly better in most of Europe (and to a lesser extent elsewhere) than something overtly patriotic about not-America would fly in the US in part precisely because we tend (on average) not to take it quite as seriously.

That said, though I know basically nothing about the film, just going from 'Civil War' and the fact that Captain America at least starts out in WWII i'd be surprised if it wasn't addressed. To some extent he represents the American ideal and it'd be avoiding some very fertile ground if they didn't juxtapose the American ideal on paper with a) how others may see the US and b) ways in which the country of today may deviate from those ideals (not necessarily in a derogatory way BTW, the modern world surely requires more nuance and compromise than that of WWII).
GreatMuppetyOdin - Living in Sweden, I'm pretty well aware of Captain America, having read Avengers comics during my entire upbringing. Reading comics is pretty big here too, but I don't think he's known outside of that circle, like for example Spiderman is.
Lucidmind - Whoa. I didn't even know The Avengers were ever published here. That's what I get for living in a small town. Ever notice how (non-used) comic shops only seem to exist in the larger cities in Sweden?
So, Captain America in Swedish? Was he just known as Kapten Amerika?
Stellan Skarsgard is also the primary antagonist in "King Arthur" (the one with Clive Owen and Keira Knightley), "Angels and Demons" and *both* "Exorcist" prequels.
Ever-so-slightly off-topic, but Captain America is certainly not the only popular superhero named after a country. The France Five exist in France (duh) and Battle Fever J helped bring the Sentai franchise to popularity, in which the five warriors are named Battle Japan, Battle France, Battle Cossack, Battle Kenya, and Miss America. All of their costumes were decorated in their flag motifs/patterns. And this was in Japan in the late 70s.

Though I can see how Captain America might be less marketable for some of the reasons Odin mentioned, particularly the WWII stuff.

Edit: The France Five exists? Or exist? I'm an English major/writer and even I dislike compound nouns and their intricacies...anyway, I think I fixed it now.

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Btw I forgot to mention that this was a very good find. Cheers for that Lucidmind.
Hooray! This pleases me.
IMDB said he was also in "Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang)" which got me really excited and confused until I noticed that the title is in parentheses.

Cool though, I am still really curious how much crossover of secondary characters might be going on if none of the female lead actresses were signed on for Avengers. I hope that he brings Kat Dennings character with him since she totally stole the two minute Thor trailer.
My pleasure, Simon :)

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