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March 03 2011

The results of SFX's Whedon genderbending competition. Summer Glau is Captain Hammer, David Boreanaz is Inara and there's loads more to be had.

They were right about that final one. Brain-scrubbing needed NOW.

I think my favorite would have to be SMG as Spike (the first one), or the first Eliza Dushku as Mal.
This is all really creative and cool. My favorite is the Firefly/Buffy one with SMG as Mal and DB as Inara.
My plan for this when the contest was announced was Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj as Spike and Dru. I was dedicated enough to find screencaps to work from, but not dedicated enough to keep going after my initial sketches turned out so abysmally. Deadline came too fast.

Loved the monobrain with Eliza Dushku as Mal; that's a combo made in Heaven. Some really nice work here, if a bit scary in a few instances (but that was the point, wasn't it?). Nick Brendan makes a surprisingly awesome Kaylee!
Dushku as Mal and Gellar as Spike were actually pretty well done.
Eliza Dushku as Mal (the second place one) was really well executed, and definitely better than the other for not having tight pants.

DB as Inara is just too sexy (for his shirt).
Okay, there are just certain things that cannot be un-seen. David Boreanaz as Inara is one of those things ...

"My plan for this when the contest was announced was Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj as Spike and Dru"

This would've been made of all kinds of win! I wanna see it anyway.
Kairos, would that have been Dichen as Spike, and Enver as Dru? Cuz if it wasn't, it should have been.
One of the few times my favorite in one of these things has ever actually agreed with the winner. I love Buffy as Mal and Angel as Inara. :D


Yeah, I had a plan too. *rolls eyes* That deadline was way too short for my, as usual, overblown ambitions. I wanted to comic them up. I was trying to recast that Firefly promo shot at the Ennis House and ended up with some unsatisfactory sketches of:

Mal Played by River
Kaylee played by Dr. Horrible (parasoled)
Zoe played by Jonathon
Jayne played by Cordelia (my absolute fave-should have just gone with this in retrospect)
Simon played by Buffy
River played by Topher
Wash played by Sierra (can't you just see her in the big Hawaiian shirt?)
Book played by Adelle
Inara played by Spike

and then I also tried to recast the BtVS crew sitting around the library table:

Buffy played by Andrew (my second fave-you just know he would have loved to dress up as Buffy)
Willow played by Victor
Xander played by Kaylee
Giles played by Zoe (In tweed!)

Plus, a Spike as played by Illyria

Likenesses of real people are hard. I like my made up characters much better. ; ) Hats off to Jeanty. (But just playing around with the casting was major fun.)
Kairos, would that have been Dichen as Spike, and Enver as Dru?

Aye, it was all aimed at the genderbending! Dichen as Spike I thought was particularly ideal: they both have such an exotic look, with the intense eyes and the bleach and the Cheekbonetopia.

I've thought of giving it another go. Glad to hear there would be interest. Or, if any artists better than me want to run with the idea...
Whoa - that's bend-y alright! My favorite's probably the Jayne as Zoe one (for some reason it reminds me of Worf - not quite sure why.)
Wow, there were some seriously talented people in there. favourite being Faith as Mal(in both) and SMG and DB as Mal and Inara, hilarious. Most terrfiying that may prevent me from blinking ever again out of fear that I would subconsciously see them again would be Spike as Buffy and Jayne as Zoe. Scarred. For. Life.
Heheh, I was looking forward to seeing the results of this. The winner is well deserved.
I was gonna say of the Jayne-as-Zoe one that it was downright unsettlin' but somehow that just doesn't even begin to cover it.

Some good stuff in there though, Eliza as Mal being my two faves (partly because, though I wouldn't swap Nathan for the world, Eliza in 'The Adventures of Captain Malina Reynolds' is a show i'd watch in a heartbeat, tightpants or not) then the first SMG as Spike.
Love the Buffy/Angel as Mal/Inara one.

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