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March 03 2011

Buffy Summers among 'TV's Greatest Women'. TV Squad ranks the top 100 women in TV history. Buffy cracks the top 10!! Very solid list, imho. See where she placed (would love to hear some of our members thoughts on this).

While I think the list has a great selection, as usual the order is a little bit wonky. It's hard to make these lists to include more recent characters because I feel like we don't know if they have longevity, which I consider the most important factor to a great TV character. Buffy has the legs for sure, but will we remember "The Good Wife" in 10 years?
Oh those lists ... *My* favourite female figures are Buffy Summers, Emma Peel, Daria Morgendorfer ... :)
I really like this list. Some of the recent ones did seem less iconic but that seems to come with the internet list-making territory.
Hmm... from the top of my head, if I follow your example and limit myself to three picks, it would propably be: Buffy, Veronica Mars and Lorelai Gilmore.

And Willow, Anya, Faith, Cordy, Fred, Kaylee, Six Feet Under's Claire Fisher, The West Wing's CJ, Sports Night's Natalie, Bones' Temperance Brennan would all be somewhere among the runner ups.
Ugh, Peggy Olsen that high? Really? That's just...well, that's just silly.
I love Peggy! She'd definitely be on my list.

Claire Fisher is a good call, Groosalugg ... hadn't thought of her myself, but she should absolutely be on there somewhere. (And someone should give Lauren Ambrose her own TV show already!)

Nice to see the love for Buffy, Veronica, and Roslin, though.
Huh, I may have disagreed with the placement, but it's a fairly good list, although missing Zoe and Faith and Sarah Conner and a certain soon to be remade superhero, and that's just my top 5! I'm a fan of ass kickers, so I'm alway gonna disagree.
I expect name recognition is a major factor here... I'm not sure there's necessarily anything wrong with that, either.
Agree daylight. Margaret Houlihan (59????) should be much higher. The character ran for 11 years and was always fun. Guess you can tell I'm a MASH fangirl.

Yeah, this list is definitely favoring the more recent.
It's a nice list even if it's missing some of my personal faves. (Zoe!) I would guess that the list has something to with impact and some great characters just weren't really around long enough to achieve much impact. It's hard know what will happen with the more recent ones, I guess.

I'm a little curious to know what were the ages of the female characters portrayed (not the actors) on the list and also during what time period were they on tv. I can't quite remember exactly when the various characters were on the air, but it seems like most of the "older" characters were from quite some time ago. I'm just curious. (Of course some of that is probably the "Golden Girl" factor.)
Willow came in at #78.

Abby Sciuto should have been about 70 spots higher, and where the heck was either Catherine Willows or Sara Sidle?
Veronica Mars at #8! Heck yes.
I liked the list!
Yeah I thought Willow was way too low on the list. And Starbuck. I think we probably rate great women differently. I can't really judge anyway, I hadn't even heard of about 80% of that list.
Obviously I'd like to have seen Buffy higher on the list, but yay for Laura Roslin in the #2 spot. I don't watch a lot of TV and never have, but my personal definition of "greatest" would be based on a well written character with independence, depth and complexity, so there would be no June Cleavers on my list, much less Mary Richards in the #1 spot.

I like that Peggy Olson is so high on the list, a woman struggling with a totally changing world in the workplace, at a time when the vast majority of women were relegated to running errands and making coffee for the men, no matter what their official function.

Women I would have rated higher: C.J. (The West Wing), Willow, Kara Thrace.

I would have added both Claire and Brenda from Six Feet Under, and Olivia (Fringe) all in the top 10.
And from the Whedonverse, Echo and Adelle.
Frankly I thought it was a fabulous list-though I wish Buffy would have cracked the top 5, maybe at a 3. I was taken aback at how highly Peggy Olsen ranked (and I'm a madmen fanatic!). I guess you should never underestimate the power of an underdog character's cult following...(I should SO know better by now as a Whedonite lo these many years).
There are some good ones on that list, and it's always nice being reminded of shows you haven't thought about in ages - God, Police Woman! And how Laverne from Laverne and Shirley is above Rhoda is a mystery for all ages.

I'd have liked to see Kay from Homicide: Life on the Streets in there, and Kima from The Wire. And moving away from David Simon related shows, Sara Sidle from CSI (from the earlier seasons, anyway).

Starbuck should definitely have been much higher (I'm just watching BSG Season 1 for the first time!).

And I'm afraid I think Veronica Mars was way too high. But each to their own...

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