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March 03 2011

Fun interview with Nicholas Brendon. He was featured on the New Day NW program in Seattle this morning promoting the Emerald City Comicon.

He was also just barely on KOMO News at 4:00... he's just making the rounds everywhere here today!
Fenchurch - you live here in the Seattle area, too? It's always nice to find out people from Whedonesque live in my area. :) Are you going to ECCC this weekend? I am so excited to get autographs from Whedon alumni! I only have autographs from Jewel Staite and Tom Lenk, so this is a big event for me!
Deanna - I'm hoping to make it over to the city for the con... it'll depend a lot on traffic and parking (I'm afraid I'm a horrible wimp about that sort of thing). It's really too big to pass up, though!
I love how he just walked in, took control and made everyone laugh... I needed this today, thankyou
This was a fun interview! I regret to admit that I have never watched any of the interviews he has done other than ones on the Buffy DVD's, so I wasn't expecting him to be as charming as this. Of course, I did automatically assume he would be a funny guy, so I am happy to see I was right about that!

Fenchurch - YES! I hate the traffic in the city. It's awful, so I avoid it whenever possible, but I agree, ECCC is just too awesome to skip this year! I am going all three days so I can go to the JM, Buffy, and Guild panels. I am even going to JM's concert at the Hard Rock Cafe. I hope you can make it! :)
Ahhh, I miss Nicholas playing Xander. Heck I miss all the actors and their Buffy characters. It's a shame the PTB don't want to produce a kick-ass Buffy movie using the TV cast and crew, but instead seem set on producing a mediocre movie hardly anyone will watch.
Darn, for whatever reason that video won't run smoothly for me. I did get as far as his Charlie Sheen joke (good one). What I will say is how very, very good Nick looks; healthy and handsome. Not like past conventions where I've seen photos in which he looked scruffy and not well.
I reloaded Flash and videos were watchable again. It IS all about cake, ultimately, isn't it? It might be fun to go to the Emerald City Convention next year, if he comes back. Been a long time since I lived in Seattle.
Sorry for the multiple posts, but I just saw that @NicholasBrendon is live tweeting answers at the Buffy Panel at Emerald City Comic Con right now!

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