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March 03 2011

Why Steven S. DeKnight won't be able to write for Buffy Season Nine. DeKnight explains what's going on with his work life at present, and what he thought of Buffy Season Eight. Part Two of the interview where he talks about the prequel series "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" can be found here (spoilers if you haven't seen it).

Yes, I must admit that Vampy Cat was one of my favorite parts of S8, although it really added very little to the story.
Vampy cat toys? Now that would be amazing! You know, not having him on board next season is okay considering I love the work he's doing now; bloody and explicit with more f's and c's than even I could throw into an hour! I kinda wish they'd let Buffy swear more sometimes.
Sorry to hear he won't be working on season 9 although it's understandable with his workload.
Redeem147 made an excellent Vampy Cat which she donated to the 2009 CSTS screening in Toronto and we were fortunate enough to have it signed by Joss himself. It raised lots of money in the auction. It would be nice to have them commercially available.
I recall Allie saying at one point that Vampy Cat toys probably wouldn't have been economically viable due to the time it would take to get them to market.

If fandom can try to get Captain Tightpants the rights to Firefly, surely we can lobby for Vampy Cat toys. Especially if we get a drawstring in them and they scream out all their little catchphrases. is still available. Just sayin'.

And it's a pity he won't be back but it's certainly not a pity that he's busy, well deserved success.

(ETA: Also, OT but Diane Lane as Superman's mum ? Have they seen Diane Lane ? Is Superman meant to be about 18 in this one ?)

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I would totally buy a Vampy Cat.

Sometimes I think Whedonesque needs a "like" button.
Ah but that would inevitably lead to 'Dislike' buttons and then where would we be ?

(in need of a 'Meh' to complete the set is where ;)
I tried to retweet that but I couldn't find the button on this new new Twitter.
Oh man now that folks are saying nice things about him and being all jokey and there's this bonhomie and whatnot I feel like a real churl or even an authentically bad person, BAAAAAAD, for thinking that DeKnight's issue of S8 was just dumb.
I haven't read any of the comics but a Vampy Cat with a drawstring that spoke catchphrases I would totally buy.

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