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March 03 2011

Evil mastermind running for President! A familiar face is running for Student Union President at the University of Alberta.

Every year we have a few "joke" candidates who run for positions on the SU-I was pleased to see a Whedon-related potential President this year! And he broke into song during the candidates forum. I know who I'm voting for.

Hahahaha that is awesome. Loved the article trying to play it straight. Rock the Vote, Billy. College is an evil place, and you just need to rule it.
Oh, I was actually quite curious about why someone seemed to be running a legit campaign and honestly only be known as Dr. Horrible in print.

I'm curious what the outcome is, like in the student election episode of Community that aired last week.
I'm voting Southpark and Dr Horrible.

(i'm not eligible or anything, I just really care about the process)
Nathan Fillion used to attend the UofA.

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