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March 04 2011

Trailer for Nathan Fillion's latest movie, "Super". Looks to be mostly focused on Rainn Wilson & Ellen Page, but Nathan seems to be playing another "superhero" type character.

Nate seems to be sporting a hair-do reminiscent of Prince Valiant. I can't wait.
Looking good. Nathan AND the movie, of course. Too bad about Ellen Page and Liv Tyler, could've been a perfect cast list.

Nathan's hair looked funky.
Hey, what's wrong with Ellen Page? I think she's got a hilarious but very real delivery.
I think that was sarcasm? I don't think I've ever met someone who particularly didn't like Liv Tyler.
Nathan is, I believe, a "Christian" Super Hero. I will not say more; Draw your own demented conclusions.

This looks outrageously silly. Can't wait! :D
Ellen Page is amazing. I vote sarcasm.
This film has been a long-time coming. Can't wait.
My daughter doesn't like Liv Tyler.

It's a very funny, pretty awesome movie. There's a reason the trailer should focus on Rainn and Ellen, being the leads and all.

Nathan is... no, I don't think I can describe it.
Just to clarify, it wasn't sarcasm. I just don't like those two actresses.

But enough about that. To each his own.
It looks an awful lot to me like Kick Ass, only with adults, adult issues, and made out to be a mid-life crisis film. I think I'll pass.
Arison: James Gunn has been working on this for some time. The similarities with Kick Ass are purely coincidental.
Oh, God. Too much hair! Put the hair away. Please. That's some truly uglifying hair. It's not a Prince Valiant though. For that it would need blunt cut bangs (or a "fringe" if that's your lingo). Me and my peeps have always called that style "White Man Jesus Hair." (So named after all those blue-eyed pictures of The Man we were surrounded by as kids.) Although his hair seems to have a mite too much body to truly fit that mold... Maybe the Holy Avenger (Nathan's character) could do shampoo endorsements? " clean and pure as the day you were born."

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. James Gunn has a unique POV that just tickles my brain for whatever reason. I'm pushing the non-existent "like" button for the cast too.
I think it looks fun. Hopefully it will be what I thought Kick-Ass might have been, and not have people actually doing impossible super-human feats. And I love James Gunn's stuff - and his sweariness, too (Although I'm assuming this will have any sweary amusingly covered up, like in the trailer).

Maybe Nathan's only in it briefly, turning up for a mate. But he's definitely not the only reason I think this looks worth seeing (actually, realising it was James Gunn was enough of a reason for me).
Could be good, has a slight 'Toxic Avenger' vibe to it to me (which wouldn't be entirely out of left field, given the Gunn connection) with a bit of 'Kick-Ass'. There's just something inherently funny about a super-hero whose special ability is a big spanner ;).

Good cast too (Ellen Page in particular looked like she could be pretty hilarious) and even if Nathan's only doing a cameo he's sure to steal whichever scenes he's in I reckon.
And Kevin Bacon! Looks like fun. And any reason to see Nathan in anything, is enough.
I've seen this and Kick Ass and while the description may make them sound similar, they really aren't.
According to James, Nathan "has three big scenes with lots of dialogue and humor and is a very important character."
There were some articles and interviews last summer around Comicon time where JG and NF gave a lot more detail on NF's cameo. Without getting too spoilery, this comment from above is pretty spot-on:

Me and my peeps have always called that style "White Man Jesus Hair." (So named after all those blue-eyed pictures of The Man we were surrounded by as kids.)

This looks so, so very good. Glad to see Ellen Page is in another movie I want to see. I'd do atrocious things to be able to write for her.
I beam with Halifax pride. Woo Ellen Page!
I think I spot Gregg Henry (Firefly & Dollhouse) in the trailer too.
You did, Leaf. Good eye!

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