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March 04 2011

Alyson Hannigan's "How I Met Your Mother" receives 2-season renewal. This takes the CBS comedy, which also stars Neil Patrick Harris and future Whedon star, Cobie Smulders, up until season 8.

Season 8 is likely the last season if Jason Segel doesn't sign on again, which he has stated he does not want to do. I think this renewal was to give some faith to the cast and writers and some time to wrap everything up.


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 seasons would be a great run. It's back on top of it's game, so I'm so excited this is going to keep going!
Yay! So excited! But Jason Segel's not really into doing more of the show? This is the first I've heard of that. Anyone have more info on that?
@Xavier, here's a link to the interview.
For reference, most of the Buffy cast said they were going to leave after a few years too. And then stayed.

But, ya know, I like Jason and think he's got a career elsewhere too. Forgetting Sarah Marshall kicked ass.
Jason sounds reasonable, the show shouldn't turn into one of those shows that are just soullessly renewed every year because there's enough money to be made. I'm already starting to feel that it's slipping in quality and they can't keep teasing year in year out.
I don't watch it, don't have anything against it, but I gotta chuckle at how 8 seasons seem to strain the premise -- the whole sitcom is a frame story of a man telling his kids how he met their mother, right? At some point around Season 4 or so, wouldn't you think the kids would be ready for him to skip ahead some? :)
They've mocked it, in one of the early season when the kids were actually kids, they got up to leave. Hopefully The Mother is introduced soon rather than the final episode too. This will give time to plan.

If anyone was wondering, this article explains why the renewal took so long.
In Season 8, they should start having flash-sideways :) That's how a show plans its own ending!
Great link, Jaymii. For anybody wondering, 20th managed to neg double the license fee.
I haven't watched the last season, but I assume the mother isn't revealed yet?

I do love the show, happy we get two more seasons, but dammit, I want to know who she is!
The Mother might appear in the S6 finale. The mythology is fun but if you get bogged down in that, you won't like the show anymore. Just what it for the current character journeys and sometimes wacky storytelling... not the title. This season is one of the strongest, imo, almost every episode seems to be working on some level; really great comeback after the poor fifth year. I the only one who thinks this season isn't so great? I think the greatest weakness has been that Robin's basically got no storyline anymore and the rest of the cast seem to be revolving around the same storylines rehashed again and again. I think the only thing that's a positive so far this season is that we know where and when Ted meets the mother because that means we can stop having the teaser mothers pop up again and again.

Don't get me wrong I'm happy for the cast and crew about the renewal, but it's been several seasons now that it's been clear to me that the only reason I've stuck with the show is for NPH and Segel/Hannigan.
ceo, I think this season might have some problems, but it is MILES ahead of last season. The only character who really doesn't have a story right now is Robin, compared to last season where... no one really did. I'm especially glad they've found something compelling for Marshall and Lily.

And I second what Jaymii said. If you're in it just to see who the mother is, you're going to be disappointed. It's much more about the character journeys than the "mytharc."
I think being caught up with who the Mother is is akin to those who felt ripped off when Lost didn't "answer" every teeny detail. It's about the journey not the destination. Enjoy the funny.
This news is legen- (wait for it) dary!

A few days after NPH earned the golden mouth organ on Craig Ferguson, HIMYM gets renewed for two more seasons. Coincidence? Probably.

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HIMYM's biggest fault for me is that they're wasting Alyson Hannigan. Lily has to be one of the most unlikable characters in my favorite shows. By proxy they're also wasting the amazing Jason Segel. Marshall hasn't been the same since they moved out on their own.
The last two seasons have been pretty dry. The characters are basically in a holding pattern. It's still entertaining, but the central conceit of the show has become a noose. If we're not supposed to really care about who the mother is, then they should stop dangling it like they do, only to rip it away from us in the flash-forwards. It was fine the first two or three times they did that, but now it's just irritating. Putting it off has deprived the show of its forward momentum.
PErsonally despite her ditziness I like Lily for her attitude.

Fingers crossed they'll give Cobie the gay storyline she wants and they get Amber to play the girlfriend so she can qualify for her health insurance. There's also a dooplegaenger shot I'd like to see, the characters wtaching thru a window with Aly and Amber in different hair and with two little girls walking past the window but that'd be dissing another exec producer so *taht* part won't happen.
Pretty_Hate_Machine, have you been watching the current season? Because Marshall has probably had some of the best stuff this season. I don't want to spoil anything for other people, but I would say his arc is one of the best.
Yeah, Marshall had this amazing monologue recently that blew my mind, unlike anything I would expect from this show really, and yet it was perfect. I was crying on the inside. I did miss an episode, though (thanks DVR, so reliable). This wedding thing they keep foreshadowing, I think I missed something important about that.

I'm kind of disappointed that Zoe is not the mother, I like her. I almost DON'T want to meet the mother at all. I just don't think I will like her. I mean, she reproduces with Ted! That should be reason enough.
I've been watching this season and I feel the stuff happening with Marshall is really, really forced.
I think the show has jumped the shark. Also, I think this has a lot to do with Two and a Half Men. If that show is gone, completely gone, then they will need a new comedy anchor for the next two years till they can bring up some new shows.

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