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March 04 2011

Ghost of the Robot's album "Mad Brilliant" is available for download at iTunes and also And according to the fansite Civilised James, they will be releasing their new CD (B)-Sider on the 15th, which will also be available on iTunes and amazon.

"Album is a compilation of old GotR songs and the album cover looks like 4in1 cover. It's a mix of old single albums covers - It's Nothing, A New Man, David Letterman and Valerie."

Actually, B-Sider is a Ghost of the Robot album. It's a compilation of their singles and an EP.
Dammit, I knew that. I read the description, hell, I quoted the description, yet it didn't register in my brain.

Not sure if that's funny or just sad.
I have days like that. Is James now back with Ghost of the Robot?
He is, Simon, and his son Sullivan plays with them too.
Yes, James Marsters is now back with Ghost of the Robot. The band played two or three gigs late last year in the Los Angeles area. It is fully reunited, except of course for the late Steve Sellers. Mr. Marsters' son Sullivan joined the band to play guitar on several songs.
Cool, I have his Valerie CD single somewhere in the house.
That's great news, that they will make more songs together. I usually like the Ghost of the Robot songs a lot more than his own songs. Depends on my mood off course.
This made my day!!! I enjoy all of James's music, but esp. the GotR, so excited that they are back together again. Whoohoo!!!
Interestingly enough, I attended a solo concert James did at the Hard Rock here in Seattle last night, in which he mentioned GoTR would be on iTunes "very soon". He also mentioned they planned on using the money they made from the sales to produce more music.

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