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March 06 2011

No more license requests for productions of Dr Horrible being reviewed. "We have plans of our own and are not licensing it". Start your rumour engines.

Interesting. The DC production going on right now is licensed, hooray good timing for me.
Is this for live performances only? What about screenings such as the LA Halloween charity event and Comic-Con?
Live performance only.
"You are awesome. For realzies."

I love them.

Also, this sounds like good news to me. Yet, Joss is in the middle of working on The Avengers. Surely they aren't actually doing any Dr. Horrible right now, right?
Hope the live show set for San Diego this summer is still scheduled
Glad that it could come to the Vancouver Fringe last September.
Come on full original cast broadway production.......

Come on full original cast......

Hey a man can dream can't I?
Oh man. I hope they make their plans swiftly. I would love to be able to license it and obtain a full score, real scripts, etc. (I know there's the script book due out later this month, but one set up specifically for productions would be awesome.)
I don't think those were available to license holders, Kibs. (I mean, I have no idea).

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They're taking the show on tour! *wishful thinking*
Usually that means a live, professional production is in the works. Wasn't there something planned for Las Vegas?

My guesses: Broadway, or a traveling tour.
Well, if anyone catches the show, please record it.

Pretty please!
Additionally, no rights to Commentary! The Musical are available to license.

"'Commentary! The Musical': The Musical" ?

Interesting, sounds like something's in the works and if this applies to live performances only then presumably it's a live performance (unless it's just an umbrella catch-all battening down of the IP rights before something else - either way, sounds like newness is on the way and i'm struggling to see the downside of that. It's Monday morning so i'll probably come up with one but for right now, Yay ! ;).
*crosses fingers for a traveling tour*
It's true. Despite being completely unable to sing and dance, I will be touring a one-man production of Dr. Horrible which I will perform entirely in Ubbi Dubbi.
"Hubi cuban't bubelbuieve muby ubeys. Hubow thube wuborld's fubilled wubith fubilth uband lubies. Bubut ubit's plubain tubo subee: ubevil ubinsubide ubof mube ubis ubon thube rubise!"
Wow, Notre Dame's production got the licensing rights *just* in time too. I wonder what it'll be...
Broadway! Probably.
If Matt & Trey have a show about Mormons on-Broadway, Joss and co absolutely need to get in on that action too. If there's any trouble, I'll gladly accept the West End as the better alternative.
Matt & Trey have a show about Mormons on Broadway?

Why wasn't I notified?

Is it Orgasmo?
"The Book of Mormons" its called. (You know their fascination if you watch South Park). It's co-written by the Avenue Q guy too. They were on Letterman talking and sheening up the place.
I shall Google it forthwith.

I could have done that earlier, of course, but I feel sometimes it's important to reach out to one's fellow person.

I'm so alone!
Heh, for a second there I thought your post was implying that Google wasn't a person.
The ubbi dubbi references made me almost spit out my morning water. | LOL }

b!X and Giles_314 win so much. Thanks for that. =)
@kiba - thank you for mentioning the script book! i had no idea!! and now?! preordered!!! :)
Oh, gosh, I do hope it isn't Broadway... I'm as big a theater geek as they come, but superhero-style shows aren't faring so well right now.

*cough* Spiderman *cough*
London! Either with the original cast, or with Chiwetel Ejiofor as Captain Hammer, Gillian Anderson as Penny, and Alan Tudyk as the Doctor.

BTW, according to the so-far-lone, but rave, review for the DC production on Goldstar, they also are making use of Commentary! The Musical .

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Many of the stage productions make use of Commentary! songs as well, in order to make the show not quite so short for theater purposes.
The production I saw had Moist sing his song from the commentary. How else do productions integrate songs from Commentary! without breaking the fourth wall?
They break the fourth wall, mainly.

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