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March 07 2011

Entertainment Weekly remembers Firefly. With Firefly airing on the Science Channel last night, columnists Ken Tucker and Jeff Jensen talk about the show and what it means to them.

There would have a front page entry about this last night but terrifying space monkeys got loose and we had site issues. Apologies.

Thanks for posting this. Nothing really new here for the initiated, but I enjoyed reading a tribute to the show/movie a lot more than I enjoyed the "Liberty and Serenity" article, which seemed more like a self-important political statement.
I DVR'd the airings last night. Wonder what that says about me that I own the show on DVD, have watched each episode multiple times, yet now that it's on the Science Channle I'm DVRing them to watch again *that* way too?


Yay! firefly is on my TV again!

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