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March 07 2011

(SPOILER) After Ellen reviews the pilot script of SMG's new series "Ringer". They say it's the right vehicle for her. Obviously includes spoilers for Sarah's new show.

Looking good!
Sounds great!
I like the idea of 'tightly-scripted' and 'easy to follow.'
Getting excited!
This is all good to hear. I would really love to see this picked up to series, not only for SMG, but they've got some other great co-stars. It's been discussed before but I still wonder if it can attract the necessary CBS audience.
Whew! A spoiler free thread. I stumbled into here from "recent comments" and had no idea this was a spoiler post. I'm glad to know from the comments that the script sounds good. *crossing fingers for SMG* (Leaving now before I see something I don't want to. ;-) )
Yay! This sounds great for Sarah. I really hope it gets picked up.
It's been discussed before but I still wonder if it can attract the necessary CBS audience.

If The Good Wife is still finding an audience in the key demographic, I don't think The Ringer will have much of a problem. :) Fingers crossed! SMG back on our TV screens!
Never liked the character Buffy, only watched for Spike and Angelus, but have seen SMG in a couple of movies I liked, so would give this show a shot..HATE it is on CBS.
I mentioned The Good Wife thing before, but isn't that show losing some traction - with both critics and the audience? Good luck to the show anyway, wish it wasn't an as niche subject but could see the trailer looking pretty* if done well.

*big cities/CBS make me think of blacks, browns and greys. Not very pretty.

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