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March 07 2011

Buffy Season 9 news from yesterday's ECCC 2011 Dark Horse panel. Video from the panel.The Buffy info starts at the 43 minute and 15 second mark.Nothing spoilery but Scott Allie confirms exact release dates and other house keeping info.

Summary from the video.

1) Buffy Season 9 will run two years.

2) 25 issues of Buffy's book and 25 issues of Angel's.

3) Buffy Season 9:Angel #1 will be out last week of August.

4) Buffy Season 9:Buffy #1 will be out the second week of September.

5) Official announcements including some of the creative team being introduced will be at Wonder Con next month at the Dark Horse panel there.

6) Buffy Season 10 is confirmed.

I'm excited for these news, which is refreshing compared to other stuff the Whedon fandom have been dealing with the last few days.
Buffy Season 9:Angel #1

Sounds like a football score. Thought there would be a Season 10. Will the end on the Buffyverse be in 2015?
"Buffy Season 9:",I just used writing this up since both series are under the season 9 banner.

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Oooh, renewal already! ;)

I like the length and the amount of issues. I would say I'm intrigued at what's going to happen in the Angel comics but Buffy is just as wide open now - exciting!
Aaand August can't get here soon enough now.
Hooray for Season 10 being a go!
Dark Horse, Dark Horse
Dark Horse, Dark Horse

The publishers of comics, including Season Eight,
They've got the biggest Buffy news since Twilightgate!
They've got the rights to Angel, the vamp you love to hate.
Two series from a common source
(The crossovers will be nice of course) -

Dark Horse, Dark Horse,
Dark Horse, it's dark!

The editor Scott Allie confirmed this so don't fear:
We'll have our Issue #1 in August of! This! Year!
Some questions will be answered, some won't, but we'll be here...

Two years are planned, there's no recourse,
It's Season Nine time! Read Dark Horse!

Nice one Kairos. :)
Can't wait to hear the creative teams they've got lined up! I'm really jonesing for some new Buffy and Angel.
Damn...I don't know what to think about Season 10. On one hand, yay more Buffy, but I'm also a little worried. Season 9 better rock.

Also- Angel #1 comes out before Buffy #1? Somehow, I expected Buffy would have the spotlight, though I suppose this make sense.
Buffy Season 10 is confirmed.

When I heard this, my heart flailed inside my chest. I was in mixed non-geeky company so I had to play it cool, though. Internal squee only. On the surface, cool as a cucumber -- inside, rainbows shining down on puppies dancing and singing, "We are as gooooods!"
Official announcements including some of the creative team being introduced will be at Wonder Con next month at the Dark Horse panel there

I'll go out on a limb and predict the following writers

Scott Allie
Zack Whedon
Felicia Day
Jane Espenson
A big shot comic book writer
Joss Whedon (no relation)


I'd love to see Cassaday have a go at the characters. Or Templesmith.
I don't know... I highly doubt SA will write any more unless forced to; Felicia was given the opportunity to write in S8 but didn't want to; and I think if Zack is focused on anything it will be Serenity based.

Drew Greenberg

Ultimate Drew
a Previously Unknown
Gail Simone
Alan Moore*

Definite artists:
All S8 artist will be back I suspect. Jeanty's confirmed he's back. Can't see Joss not getting Moline to do more either. Cliff Richards after he's done Dollhouse.

No idea. Al Rio?**

*It could happen. I'm starting up a Facebook campaign as I type!
**I don't think this would happen.

Well played, Kaan. I'm with you on the predictions.

DeKnight would be up for more but he's too busy. Maybe Season 10?
This is great news. Glad to see Season 9 is definitely a go for the fall. I would have guessed that it was going to be pushed back until early 2012.
Also: anyone know if one should catch up with the Angel comics for Angel's season 9 run?
Alan Moore? He. daydreaming. I would love to see a fan reaction to the end scenes of the second episode of Neonomicon aplied to Buffy. That would be... well... quite a memorable day.
Bravo, Kairos!

Well, I'm excited. After I dropped reading S8 way back around issue 11, I'm now up for giving S9 a go. Looking forward to August. : )
BAGH!!! Too much excitement.

I had no idea about season 10. And season 9 sounds amazing already.

But now that I have a taste for it, I need more news! Has Rebekah Isaacs been confirmed as the artist yet? Is BKV back on for another arc? Will Joss agree to send all current and future issues to my home before they get published? I need to know!!
season 10 confirmed?! am i dreaming?!
it's a geek-dream come true for me! (:

thank you joss and thank you DH.

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ha! Felicia Day metions Whedonesque at around 14:38
Someone sent us an email to say

sad. sounds like Willow won't be getting as much time with the gang as usual.
I really hope Gail Simone will be on board. I'm purposefully re-reading her original BoP run in anticipation. And Season 10!! That's just fantastic. Now I'll go mark my calendar.
Simon, that's awesome if it's true.

Inorite?! YAY!

*jumps up and down with WilliamTheB*
Simon - interesting tidbit, thanks for sharing!

As much as I love the idea of "Spike in Space", the prospect of seeing him in the company of Scoobies, and, especially, in Buffy's company, is more tempting.
I for one, would love Alan Moore to never write a book I'm going to buy ever again. I'm not saying I'd not buy something Alan Moore wrote if it was part of a run I was collecting, but I wouldn't want to.
I missed this yesterday, all good news!
The publishers of comics, including Season Eight,
They've got the biggest Buffy news since Twilightgate!

This made me roar with laughter. Well played, good sir.
Be happy, Sparticus; Alan Moore usually, at least for the las 20 years, only writes original stuff. Myself, i love genius.
The news about Spike's Season 9 role made me ridiculously happy. I've always preferred his interaction with the Scoobies to his interaction with the Fang Gang.
Me, I'm just the other way around, Enisy :). But I do wonder how much of that was due to the fact that as far as I'm concerned, Spike only really came into his own as a character over on Angel.

He was comfortable with his role as a souled vamp over there (plus, I loved his interaction with Fred and - most of all - Angel), whereas on Buffy he was cool-vilain-guy first (loved him then), caged evil-creature later (didn't much like him in that role) and finally troubled newly-souled, which was fine dramatically, but not so great for un-boring interaction with the Scoobies ;). Only towards the end of S7 did he start to come into his own again, and he got whisked away over to Angel shortly after that.

I assume, from what I've seen so far of Spike in S8, I'll feel he's a much better fit in the group now.

Also: yay, season 10! :)
I'm with Enisy. Colour me ridiculously happy too :)

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