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March 07 2011

Robert Downey Jr. talks The Avengers with MTV. He's read the script and thinks it's going to be great....once he tells Joss what to do.

I'm sure he's joking about that last part.

He keeps saying that...
Well, Shane Black is writing with RDJ for Iron Man 3 apparently. I think there's some truth to it.
Joss and Robert bouncing ideas off one another? Yes please.
As long as it's not in the Donald Sutherland school of collaboration.
Yeah, no Sutherlanding please. It's interesting to note that Joss inherited half his cast, which is something of a compromise in power from the get go. While I suspect he's great at managing egos and all the fun stuff that comes along with writing scenes, setting up cool shots and cutting them together, it could be a little tough when you've got a guy like Downey Jr riding a great crest of popularity due to this character right now--the sense of ownership and quite frankly entitlement must be high. That said, as pointed out above, Joss and Downey bouncing ideas off each other could/should be pure gold. Just hope Downey's ready to share the screen with so many others.
Yep, the Sutherland concern was voiced when Downey Jr. said this before. He's very dry in his humour so I wouldn't take it 100% seriously. On the other hand he's said similar things about other films (after the fact too) so I wouldn't take it 0% seriously either.

Could lead to friction (but then some friction isn't necessarily a bad thing) or RDJ may be big enough to accept a good script as a good script (i.e. not feel the need to tinker just for the sake of it) or best case, he may even make some valuable contributions, it's a collaborative process after all.
Deja vu. Word for word.
It's my fault. I'm convinced that when the news was announced, he googled Joss and found Whedonesque and my post saying I'll believe it when I see RDJ wearing a 'Joss is My Master Now' t-shirt. So now he's overcompensating, is all.
Hear that? All possible future RDJ problematical scripting antics should be blamed on napua. ;P

Of course, that also means that napua get the credit for any brilliantly collaborative bits too. : )
I couldn't get audio on this clip (anyone know why that would be?) but I agree w/Saje that Robert Downey, Jr could just be looking for a rise out of the online fans. I have a lot of respect for RD, Jr and I expect him to be wonderful in 'Avengers'. I expect 'Avengers' to be incredibly awesome.
If you watch the commentary for Serenity, IIRC, Adam Baldwin "told" Joss what to do about his character a few times (essentially saying his character wouldn't say such and such) and Joss agreed.

But yeah, one of the challenges with Avengers is working with a cast of stars. At least it seems like RDJ has a sense of humor about it. Hopefully RDJ's special brand of self-deprecating gets along with Joss'.

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joke's getting old...
Didn't RDJ do this same interview back in like October?

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