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March 07 2011

Buffy Panel Q&A at Emerald City Comic Con. Clare, Nick and James go down memory lane during the Buffy panel Q&A last Saturday, March 5.

Did anyone from W go to this convention or have been before? I'm thinking it might be time to take a trip back to Seattle next year if this is a good one to attend.
I went for the first time (and will have photos from this panel). It's worth going.
Very cool, thx.
This was only the second year I've been to my hometown convention, but I couldn't miss all my awesome Whedonverse actors! The convention was fun, all the actors were very sweet (including Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, of course) and hilarious! I very much enjoyed JM's solo concert on Saturday night, as well. I hope there will be lots more fun next year.
I have to say I was so happy that most of the questions at the various panels were very good, not the usual same questions you hear getting rehashed over and over.
I was sort of shocked to hear James' least favorite thing about Buffy. No idea he was in that kind of pain from bleaching his hair. The things you find out years after the fact.
FWIW Tonya, my friend Kiala's post on Nerdist addresses ECCC vs. other cons like, say, SDCC. And Deanna_Lynne is right, the audience Q&A at the panels I attended were refreshingly not constantly aggravating.

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Your friend is funny - great photo of Felicia by the way. Sounds like it's way less crowded than SDCC, too.
I was a little surprised that I managed to simply wander into The Guild panel in the middle yet the Buffy one was packed and they apparently weren't letting more people in? (And the Browncoat fan film was unfortunately not that full, which made me feel guilty about leaving part way through.)
This was a fun panel, as was JM's solo panel the day before. James is a truly excellent speaker, and has considerable insight into the show and mythos (while simultaneously giving off a "I act for the fun of it" vibe). His point that Spike was endangering the show's metaphor was a good one, although I think that metaphor violation opened the door to some valuable stuff. I also liked his stories about how he would razz SMG just because she was the irreplaceable star and therefore got some deference...

orangewaxlion, there was a truly enormous line for the Buffy panel. I haven't seen so many like-minded people in one spot in a long time...
I went to ECCC for the first time this year and enjoyed it a lot. I found it to be similar to San Diego except on a smaller basis - and with the exception of the Buffy panel (and the Anthropology of Firefly), most events didn't have a line-up. The latter did have a lot of people leaving so it didn't take long to get in - it was finding that room that was so difficult with three people giving me three different sets of directions! :D

The one complaint I had with the Con itself, which I heard other people complain about as well, was the 'music' that they played between panels. The fact that it was not my type of music (it was very techno and was probably played to appeal to a different demographic than I) was beside the point, but it was so loud that you had to almost shout to speak to the person next to you. Between panels is when people are trying to connect, either with friends or strangers sitting near them or on the phone to arrange meetings, and it was very difficult to do so at the decibel level of the music.

The only other negative was the Buffy Sing-Along where we were encouraged to yell at Dawn a couple of times, except that people kept doing it - and shouting at other characters, not always in a negative way, but one that spoiled my enjoyment, so I left.

Otherwise I had a great time, hanging out with Browncoat friends, some of whom I had met before and others I hadn't. The Seattle & PDX Browncoats had a booth that always seemed to have people buying and Christine, last year's CSTS Global Organizer, moderated a panel from various geeky groups discussing their charitable works.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and one I look forward to repeating.
b!X, if you see this, where are your photos from ECCC going? The Flickr Library at W?
I haven't even gotten to the Buffy ones yet (I'm still doing Fringe, and did The Guild), but at least some of them will drop into W's Flickr group once they're up.

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