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March 08 2011

Firefly Ratings! By Science Channel Standards. Found this and I didn't see it posted anywhere. Ratings from Firefly's showing on The Science Channel for your peppy little hearts.

Not too bad.

400,000 vs the 5 to 6 million when it aired on Fox. Just for context.
431,000 seems to be pretty high for the Science Channel so relatively, it's a ratings smash. Also, there's a parody post on there that made me smile and the article sticking up for Mo is OK by me.
so relatively, it's a ratings smash.

Somewhat, it did only come fourth in the channel's top 25 shows for the week. And 'The Train Job' got more viewers than the two-hour pilot! Fox were right after all!
Hrm, these numbers are so weird to me. I assume these to still be Nielsen numbers, which I always had issues with, but that seems kind of... I dunno, high?

They are reruns of a show off the air for 8 years and I suspected that most people who cared could/would have picked up the series in some form on DVD (like one local Target had them for $16 last week?). Granted I don't know the numbers of something like Star Trek TNG on BBC America as a comparison albeit it's been off the air longer which may change numbers or the fact that owning every episode of that may be cost prohibitive.
It's probably very comparable to TNG on BBC America. I don't know how 400K people out of 300 million can seem high though. Drop in a bucket is more like it.
It's not high in absolute terms but again, relative to the channel norm it's quite high (6 years later and - i'd assume - on a channel with significantly less market penetration it's still getting about half the viewers that the show got when Sci-Fi aired it in 2005). Maybe a spike due to all the recent attention/fan organisation.

Somewhat, it did only come fourth in the channel's top 25 shows for the week.

That's typical of the old guard, that sort of fact-based attitude. Are dreams facts ? Can you cage the wind with facts ? Is a rainbow a fact ?

...OK, a rainbow actually is a fact but that's not the point.
Yes, Saje is right about market penetration. Not all cable subscribers get the Science Channel. It's not part of everyone's basic cable package in the US. It was part of my premium cable package in Florida a few years ago. I'd certainly turn it on if I had access to it today. Firefly AND Michiu Kaku? In one?? Enough to make a nerdy girl's head explode!
So has anyone watched it (on the Science Channel, I mean)? How were the science segments? Did they happen throughout the airing or just at the beginning/end?
It did better than An Idiot Abroad? Huh.
I still find it odd they aired "The Train Job" as well as the pilot. Unless you're marathoning, I like to take a break after watching two-hours of something. Guess they only have 13 weeks available.
Saje, according to the logic of some groups, Firefly fans have increased exponentially in the last 6 years. Shouldn't the ratings on the Science channel (smaller base and all) be comparable or higher than when it aired on Syfy in 2005?

My point is there is a limited audience for this show whether it is the best TV ever made or not.

It is.:)
Exponentially, no. But the fanbase has grown. But as it does, people buy the DVDs, and only a continuing and comparatively small number bother to watch when it's on TV. SyFy even tweeted that the reason they don't try to get it to show anymore is the numbers kept going down.
Saje, according to the logic of some groups, Firefly fans have increased exponentially in the last 6 years.

At least that'd explain why everyone in the world is now a 'Firefly' fan. Ahem.

(I kind of agree about the limited audience point, I just wish a Whedon show would be given the chance to either confirm or deny that - so far they've had troubled launches or been on small networks so it's hard to judge)
Ah, TV. Not an exact science. I learn that more and more everyday. And I get more ok with that, everyday.
Oh no, with these ratings they're going to cancel Firefly
That'd be good news actually cos then we plucky underdogs could band together and get another film made just like we did with 'Serenity'.

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