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March 09 2011

"She Don't Like Firefly" - the music video. It's a song that could quite possibly achieve cult status within the fandom.

You know, I'm going through the same thing with my girlfriend when it comes to Buffy. But I think I'll give her another chance. At the moment, we're watching The Wire. Maybe she's ready for Whedon after that ...
My boyfriend has never been able to understand the lure of BtVS, he gets a nervous twitch whenever I start up Dr. Horrible BUT he does like and even enjoys Firefly and Serenity was the first thing he bought when we got our blu-ray player so yeah I'm gonna keep him.

Still - i need that song on my iPod - maybe yesterday
Haha, thats a good one. And yes, Firefly is essential for any relationship ;)
I admit this song is pretty damned funny. Very catchy!

However, I've been very lucky. My boyfriend and I met through our mutual love of Firefly. I truly believe he's the Simon to my Kaylee and we both love Dr.Horrible. I joke he has a PhD in adorableness cos he's a PhD student. So yeah, he's definitely a keeper. :D

I've been showing him all of Buffy and Angel as well as he hadn't seen it all and we've enjoyed watching that together. It's been so cool watching it all again with someone who's seeing a lot of it for the first time.

I wouldn't go so far as to say not liking Whedon's works is a deal breaker, but my ex vehemently hated Buffy and it didn't work out in the end (not just because of that mind).
Heh. It made me smile.

I went out with a guy last year who lost serious points when I saw his DVD collection. Mmm hmm, true story. And Buffy was a point of contention with an ex of a few years. At least he enjoyed Firefly... there we could compromise.
Taken by surprise by my powerful reaction to watching this girl tear up a photo of Joss.
Maybe it's the opportunity to share a strange thing: I've been introducing my girlfriend to all things Joss, and so far she's enjoyed Dollhouse more that everything else she's seen (Buffy seasons 1-3, Firefly-Serenity and Dr. Horrible).

Of course, we haven't reached the most heartbreaking episodes of Buffy, so that can change, but I think it says something about Joss' ability to appeal to different publics.
Well, many people don't get Joss. Still, for the few that do, we got a smile. Thanks, Simon:)
I laughed out loud at the girl tearing up the photo of Joss (very reminiscent of Sinead O'Connor, which is fitting since Joss IS our Pope). This is really cute, but I'm not sure it'll be a break-away pop hit; more of a book number.
Now it's going to be stuck in my head all day at least!
Be patient, folks. My wife was unimpressed through two seasons of Buffy and two seasons of Angel, stretched out over several years, and then she clicked with "Anne" and on through BtVS. Now she likes Angel even better and Firefly best of all.
This was the premise of the "Mutant Friends" video I made last year for a class, and it's still true to me today-- if you don't like Joss and his works and/or are not willing to see them with an open mind, we can't date. I'm not sure if we can be great friends either.
Damn, that was brilliant. Both the song and the video were really well done.

Even managed to get Warhammer 40k in there!
My gf (potential fiancee) really liked Firefly/Serenity once we got to about the third ep, enjoyed Angel and Dr. Horrible, but pretty much HATES Buffy because of the titular character. She also feels that Joss can't write women well. (them's fightin' words!) Eh, but I love her anyway.

(We haven't watched Dollhouse together, just because I realize that's the most divisive of his shows to date and it takes about half a season to get going anyway.)

...yes, I haven't commented on the video because YT is blocked at work.
I have to agree that patience is a virtue in this regard! I used to make fun of my husband relentlessly for liking Buffy - I bought him a Buffy Easter egg as a joke one year. Honestly, I thought he just liked it because he fancied Sarah Michelle Gellar. Something finally got through to me, though, and now I'm as big a fan as he ever was.
Not liking Firefly is definitely a deal-breaker for me... but not because of fanboy stubbornness. Basically I realized a while back that Joss's humor matches mine so closely -- and influenced mine, natch -- that if a girl doesn't like Firefly or BtVS she won't like my humor. And if I can't make someone laugh, there's really no point.
Browncoat Anthem would get my vote for best FF related vid
I actually gasped out loud at the photo ripping thing. God, I'm so lost.
Taken by surprise by my powerful reaction to watching this girl tear up a photo of Joss.

Same, and then I sort of giggled at myself.

But still. If you have a photo of Joss, I cannot comprehend anybody actually wanting to tear it up! And if you don't like the photo, well, then I'll take it. You don't have to destroy it like that. ;)
"I'm sorry, I just don't see how we can possible be together if you don't like Firefly."

It really is the relationship litmus test.
My girlfriend doesn't like Buffy, Angel, or Firefly! She sort of likes Serenity and Dollhouse. It hurts so bad!
If I didn't like Firefly, I'd break up with me.
Amazing! I, too, had a wee moment of horror at the photo ripping, then sort of laughed at myself.

My bf doesn't like Firefly- wouldn't watch em- but he used to think he didn't like Buffy either. But once in a while I'd say, I just really want to watch one episode, two, (I kept waiting for it to grab ahold) and one night I put on Surprise and... he's totally obsessed now. Like hey look, maybe we should go this con across the country obsessed. He liked Dr Horrible even though he doesn't like musicals (which proves you can be happy together even with big differences in taste! Not like musicals! WHY NOT??), so all in all I'm ok with him not getting Firefly.
I wonder how I'd feel if the Buffy thing hadn't worked though? I'd still love him, but would I have nagging doubts...?
Oh good - I'm not the only one who was slightly horrified by the picture ripping. - it's one of those things you can't say in mixed company (fans and none-fans mind you) and not get a 'ok sweetie, it's time for your meds' kind of look back I guess.
Haha, my girlfriend has made disparaging comments whenever I've mentioned Buffy, though she's never watched it. I'm taking Firefly around on the weekend, and will see how she likes it. She quite liked Dr Horrible when I showed her so we'll see.
HA! Just yesterday, my best friend Mike was telling me a little story about his ex-wife Sue (who he divorced, then started seeing again, then moved in with . . . I REALLY don't get this relationship, but I digress), who has been mocking him for YEARS about him liking Firefly. She thought the whole space/western combo was just a stupid idea, and the whole Chinese thing was ridiculous and only nerds like sci-fi anyway, certainly not anyone SHE would ever hang out with, and on and on.

So, last week, he's driving her to work, and he's got a DVD player in his stereo system, so he's listening to Firefly as he drives, "The Message" specifically. And Sue watches about half the episode, and by the time they get to work, she can't STOP. She was half an hour late because she had to watch the whole thing.

A few days later, while she's at work, a 50-something fellow employee walks by wearing a knit orange floppy-eared hat. And Sue chuckles and says, "Man wears a hat like that, you know he's not afraid of anything!" Suddenly, all six co-workers in her immediate vicinity turn and laugh and start spouting off random Firefly quotes. The older gent, the blonde highschool cheerleader, the college frat boy, the assistant manager, everyone just starts babbling away in Joss-speak. The guy's hat, it wasn't just a look-alike, it actually was one of Ma Cobb's Cunning Jayne Hats. EVERYONE she worked with was a Browncoat, and she was completely surrounded and stunned speechless.

She came home and watched the whole thing. And now she's one of us too. Now, she DO like Firefly! And it's all thanks to me, 'cuz I'm the guy who got Mike into it in the first place. Can' stop the signal!
Batman1016, a great, fun story. Thanks for sharing. Needed that.
One of us. ONE OF US.
My girlfriend isn't a big fan of any of the 'Verse. She kind of got into Dollhouse. Thought Serenity was decent..etc. No go on Buffy or Angel(which just breaks my wittle heart), though she is a good sport about letting me watch them when I want to. Though, I do take a lot of ribbing over my Buffy love. However, I do see light at the end of the tunnel. Currently we are both fans of V and she loves (meaning loves to hate) Morena Baccarin. When I told her the other night, you know she was on Serenity and Firefly, her comment was "No she wasn't". To which I replied "Yes she was, she was Inara". Well now she wants to go back and watch Firefly because she can't believe they were played by the same person. I am taking this as my way of finally immersing her in the Whedonverse.
My wife and I are into Whedon, as are our kids and our friends. Of course we're all geeks, and we all know quality when we see it, so that probably has a lot to do with it.

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