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March 09 2011

"Sometimes I get bitter... about things..." Sometimes it's the little things that make you happy. Like this. Other times it's dirigibles, which aren't as little. Here my brother Sam shows what an iphone is best used for.

Isn't he really all of us? He's Everypuppet. Also, considering I have yet to master the "making a phone call" app on my iphone, I'm really impressed by the work. And insomnia means I can take time to share it with all of you!

Avenging pretty much every waking second means the little things that move, thrill or comfort me are like a kid's precious bottle-cap collection: stored away in a little box, to be taken out and turned over in my palm, one by one. This year, there's been "Winter's Bone", seeing Garfunkle and Oates at Largo, tumbleweeds (they migrate!), my Muji writing pads, and this link. And Avenging. Good morning!

Good morning!

This video will make my early-morning midterm cramming much nicer.
Have you got another batch of brothers who are not creative? I'm starting to think that it might be genetic or something.
What a way to end my evening before i go to sleep. Thanks Joss. It's wonderful to see your purple name shining off my screen once more.

Avenge away!
I felt the tomato was especially strong in this. The puppet, though? Talk about your wooden acting. *cringe*. Although, to be fair, I'm at work and had to watch this with the sound off; maybe the audio would improve the avenging emoting.

Also: Winter's Bone. Yes.
Well who doesn't love a bit of Winter's Bone, really?

Wait... it's a movie?
Adorables. Well done, Sam. [Morning, Joss.]
But what are they Avenging?
That was a fantastic little vid. Thanks for sharing it, Joss!
I love Muji writing pads.
Winter's Bone. Amazing.

Carry on and stay calm!
Joss,(did I just look into the ark of the covenant with insufficient respect?)I mean Mr. Whedon, did you notice the calculated distance Tomato embodied in her interaction with her supposed boyfriend? Clearly she's cheating. Some say "toma-to" others "tomat-o", I say whore.
Wait Hank is Henry?
Ah, Purple postage *world slides back into alignment*.

The puppet video was excellent (even silent - also at work, also no sound) but if there is an audio track then no-doubt it'll be equally of the awe (I suspect it'll probably have next week's lottery numbers or something, seeing the future seems like it'd be small potatoes to a Whedon brother. I.e. please someone tell me there's a brother who mainly sits around in his underwear for most of Saturday playing Call of Duty 2 and eating Hobnobs. Otherwise i'm in real danger of being inspired or something).

And "Winter's Bone", 'nother yep.
Thanks Joss. This made me smile a little and almost cry a little. And wish I had an iPhone.
Ben is Glory?
Thank you. All is right in the Whedonverse again. Thank you Jossir for sharing that with us yourself. Glad to hear that all is being avenged.
After reading thru some of the Firefly-fan-fighting going on over at facebook I began to worry about how Joss would feel if he knew about all this infighting (because my life is perfect and I have absolutely nothing whatsoever to worry about at all in-the-least that's my story and I'm sticking to it) that grew out of one off-the-cuff remark made out of love for Joss and all His Works.
And then I saw purple.

And my love for Joss and all His Works grew three times today.

Back to lurking, carry on.
I'm beginning to think this guy is too smart for me.

*goes back to watching Tinker Bell*
Good morning! Well, if you ignore the nasty drizzly day it is outside my office window (which I'm trying really hard to do...) Wooden puppets do make things a little brighter. Unless, y'know, they're ventriloquist dummies, in which case they creep the hell out of me. It's a thing...
Why do I now have the impression that you're turning 'Avengers' into an old-style spaghetti Western, with wooden acting and a S & G soundtrack?

I would still watch it, you know. Thanks for stopping by!
Fyi for those stuck in the throes of corporate silence the audio is the icing on the cake.

Makes me think of all the Mickey Mouse starring stop-motion video projects I was in to doing when I was ten. Good times.
Good morning, sir and thank you for sharing. Love you much!
Purple afternoon!
Ah, good old insomnia. Is there nothing it can't do?

Hey Joss!
Joss, you need to write for Glee because you are the man at musicals and the world needs that.
Ha, just watched this. Made of aces. "....Yeah, I don't think it's going to last."

[ edited by gossi on 2011-03-09 15:52 ]
Puppetry - Oh yes.
Winter's Bone - YES.
Garfunkel and Oates - HELL YES.

'Venge on, oh... thou.

[ edited by beergood on 2011-03-09 15:15 ]
Yes, Winter's Bone! Great movie, great performance by Jennifer Lawrence, who Joss really needs to put into his next TV show.

Joss, you will do another TV show, right?

The clip was fun, and certainly got my day off to a nice start.
I can tell my next You Tube wanderings are going to be in stop-motion animation.

The little things that have thrilled or comforted me lately: a perfect cup of hot chocolate made from scratch, daffodils six inches tall, sunlight patterns on the wooden floor through slatted blinds (SUNLIGHT!), a dissecting explanation on the mechanics of walking, and the book "Drawn to Life."
I refuse to be bitter. Just understanding.

Joss, you know we love you!
This is why Joss is Boss.

Thank you. Carry on Avenging, good sir. We can't wait to see what you'll create.
I'm guessing Joss is talking about the Winter's Bone movie but I've just started reading the book and I hope that it's good as well

Also, I just realized that this is the first comment I make here. So, hi!
That was lovely. He really sounds like Jason from Home Movies.
"I have a girlfriend. She's a tomato. Hey, baby!"
"Yeah, I don't think it's going to last."

Hello Joss, so glad to have you back where you belong. Looking all swell and purple-like.
Ah. A Joss post. I knew my life was missing something. And I love the "make a call" app. I also love the "goof off" app.
Joss post!!
Hey, so i lurk and I just wanted to say that this has ended my evening in spectacular fashion! Thanks for sharing a video that really spoke to me, my volume was up too loud and it took a minute to load so I went to turn off my heater and it really spoke to me. Thanks. It gets lonely sometimes, you've filled this evenings void.
Avenge good sir, avenge!
Joy and a half! Joss is procrastinating again, but in a very brief way. Thanks for stopping by Mr. Purple, you wear it well!
Well who doesn't just love wooden puppets in the morning. Glad to see you and your purpleness. Avenge on!
Thank you for sharing the happy things, Joss! And the puppety things.
Hello Li92, welcome!
You know what I would do with an iPhone? Make calls. Text. Twitter. I would not look at it and think, "I know! Puppet movie!"

That kinda makes me sad.

Is Joss giving us a hint of what to expect in the coming Avenging film? Puppets?! Spoiler tag this post quickly!! Thanks for trusting us with your secret big guy, and hot on the heels of International Women's Day! You don't miss a beat do you?!
JOSS! Good morning and thank you for sharing yet more of your family's ingeniousness (is that a word? - Good work, Sam. It's 6:54am in San Diego and I laughed.out.loud even this early). We've missed you, Joss. Happy Avenging. Hey, guess what. I tweeted Mark Ruffalo a couple of times and he was nice enough to reply. I told him about Whedonesque & Equality Now. He campaigns against fracking. Somehow, all your peeps do good work. You take care out in the big, bad world, now.
I had my iPhone for two months before getting a call. That was a confusing vibration.
Winter's Bone was amazing; I would've been just as happy with John Hawkes winning Best Supporting Actor as I was with Bale winning. (Lawrence was great, too, of course.)

I'm surprised nobody has made a "Smile Time" reference...

Caroline, did you just refer to Mr. Whedon as purple and swollen?
Catalyst2, I was starting to wonder if you fell off the edge of the world. Where you been!?
Joss! The man they call Joss!! *Happy dance*

I have a girlfriend. She's a tomato. Hey, baby!"
"Yeah, I don't think it's going to last."

@SpendTheNightAlone - but that's because he is not made of felt and his nose doesn't come off! :D

Though - seriously, the purple prose and the linkage - has completely made me forget that I hurt all over AND got caught in the rain and thus am freezing my beehind off!

So thank you Mr Whedon for once again saving the day!

this comment was brought to you by my worst ever case of performance anxiety.
"And...well, actually I do really like that book."
Perfect line. Good Morning to you as well, sir. :)
Thanks for sharing.
A Joss post! That cures my bitterness....
So, has Robert Downey, Jr. fixed your script for you yet?
The room is definitely swaying. :) Someone find that man an empty lap!
So nice to see purple prose when I first wake up! My day is officially filled with happy! And also...witty dialogue? Monumental character growth? Yep. Definitely done by a Whedon. :D
Another brilliant member of the Whedon family. What a nice video. And, like everyone else, it's so nice to see Joss's name in purple again.

Thanks, Joss!
Excuse me, I have to go move "Winter's Bone" to the top of my netflix queue.
SDCC hotel morning, Discovery's final landing, and a Joss post? All by 9:00 AM? Where does the rest of the day go from there?
Wow ... check out the other clips on his youtube channel. That family is hoarding all the talent! If anyone asks where all the talent's gone, now you have your answer.
Here's a link to the trailer for Winter's Bone.
Good Morning, Sir! Great vid. Love the tomato.
Thanks for the trailer link, J.I.G. Wow. Joss continues to expand my awareness of good storytelling even when it is just purple prose. Nice to see you back in the black, sir! You are missed!
Joss Post? Day officially made once again. He is indeed a life-brightener.

I have one of those wooden puppets. I've always thought about doing something like this. Glad I never did though, this was way better than whatever I would have done.

"Yeah, I don't think it's going to last." Hilarious!
Wait... so is the wooden stick man being cast as Ultron or the Grim Reaper? He looks a bit more like Tigra to me...
Ah, the Purple Avenger still stalks the net at night in his cape. Makes one feel safe.
What would the Purple Avenger's skill be?
Not using an iPhone, at any rate.
Good morning, sir! So happy to read a post from you, and the video was great! Happy Avenging! (So looking forward to that... And Cabin in the Woods... And Doctor Horrible 2...)
I was under the impression that the stick man would be playing Uatu the Watcher. He's perfect.
I'm thinking the Purple Avenger's skill is something similar to Harold's with his Purple Crayon, but with a purple pen. (Experience the evidence. :) Heh.) And you just know he wears a purple scarf instead of the so-last-year cape.

I'm sensing a power of the purple here...
I get the sense that some of your comfort was enjoying the video and some was the sharing with us. Hope your insomnia melts away to dreams that inspire.
I'm totally going to watch this video when I haven't been awake for 26 hours. But I just wanted to say that Joss Whedon needs to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway if he hasn't yet, as does anyone else who likes Cannibal! the Musical or Trey Parker and Matt Stone more generally.

I look forward to avenge. (I just made it a noun, what?)

Lobe you always, j.
A Joss Post. All is right with the world again. Happy Fandom Thoughts.

And seriously, where is the brother who sits around watching Real Housewives, shops at Wal-Mart, and drinks Bud Light??? To know he exists, would make me feel better.
Thanks Joss! Both for the video and for saying that dirigibles make you happy. They make me inexpicably happy as well.
Thanks for the link, Joss.

(We're living in the future. I just said that to Joss Whedon. Huh.)
Harmalicious, I am sure that brother exists, he is just related to different people :) Yay for creativity, puppets and Joss post, not necessarily in that order! (I refuse to yay a tomato, because I hate them.)
Wonderful to hear from his purpleness again, I swear there is so much talent in that family that I suspect they queued up twice (at least).
I'd say some of the Purple Avengers powers are: making people invested in all kinds of characters, even burly mercenaries and flappy skinned demons. But he seems to be neither a white nor a black hat, his hat (or is it a cowl?) is probably purple as he seems to inflict both pain and give joy almost at random. He seems strangely creative though.
I imagine the Purple Avenger looks like this, lives on a dirigible, and occasionally pushes people off it in hilarious yet oddly heartbreaking fashion. True facts I made up.
Definitely a dirigible. But does he wear brass goggles? Inquiring minds want to know.
Another brother?! Did we know about this "Sam"?
Some of we did. Some of we didn't.
Thanks for the post Joss! Always (ALWAYS) great to hear from you!
What's all this crazy morning talk? Purple Avenger clearly has time warping powers (or avenges in a different time zone.)

Alas, I am currently on the train with my phoney-Iphone Andriod, so will wait to watch the video when I have access to some true Internet with wires in the ground.
Cant wait for The Avengers. The perfect project in so many ways....
Thanks for the whedonesque post. Don't forget to breathe between all the avenging.
I also like Garfunkle and Oates!
Agree with Winter's Bone (great movie) and Garfunkle and Oates, the only good thing Jay Leno introduced to us thanks to his bad prime-time show. Best to see them live and YouTube (lots of videos there).
So, how about Firefly being a hit on Science Channel? That must make Fox look bad...again. Love and cable will keep it in the air.
Anyway, keep on Avenging, and be careful you dont get too close to a Hellmouth in Cleveland.
Don't worry Joss, the "making a phone call" app is the hardest-to-use (and indeed flimsiest) app of any modern smartphone. It's like they perfected the technology, and proceeded to let it degrade with every new model.

As for the video, it's good to learn for the first time ever that Joss Whedon has a talented brother.
This was a good way to wake up this morning! :D
I hate being late to a Joss-post.

But anywhos...
Joss!!! Purple prose is back! Made my (generally sucky, exam-filled) week!
Love the tomato. Is there anyone in the Whedon family who isn't gifted? :D

[ edited by Shep on 2011-03-09 20:31 ]
Yup, a mighty fine way to start this day. Keep at the avengin'.
I don't think I realized how much I missed purple prose until now....Keep Avenging and stop by more often.....please..?
As for the video, it's good to learn for the first time ever that Joss Whedon has a talented brother.

Exactly! I mean, who knew that Joss had a family, let alone that there was talent anywhere else? Next we're gonna find out they can write shows and sing songs!
Thank you for stopping by and telling us about Sam. :)
Hehe! Funny, wooden puppet. He has a depressing back story, is he a possible character for season nine of Buffy?

[ edited by Nathan on 2011-03-09 21:17 ]
A further plus to Winter's Bone is that it has a Buffy guest-actor in it, John Hawkes, as Uncle Teardrop. I remember being impressed with his turn as the janitor George, possessed by the ghost of James, in I Only Have Eyes For You. It was one of those small but memorable performances by minor characters that was one of the not-much-remarked on joys of BTVS. Joss is credited as co-writer, so he probably remembers him.

[ edited by shambleau on 2011-03-09 22:10 ]
I need to watch Winter's Bone.
I need QuoterGal to post so it feels like the fandom is back on track.
Lighting up The Black with the QuoterGal Signal: Ms. QuoterGal, you're needed!
Haha! Nice find/memory there, BreathesStory.
Here she comes to save the daaaaay! Well, once she futzes with her intertubes. ;)
I just looked up the "Batman" TV show theme lyrics, so I could adapt them for QuoterGal...
I'm big on not posting here unless I have something important(ish) to say, and though this is more of the touchy-feely variety, it will have to do:

You, W-folk, make me very happy. Joss warmed my heart this morning, but I've been returning to the comments all day to affirm that there is one decent spot on the interwebs where rational, witty individuals think for themselves & share kindness. That is no small potatoes & some tasty ones at that! Thank you all!
Well, now I want some small potatoes.
Stunning Exposť! Wooden Puppet-Boy Found in Boffo Love-Nest Triangle Hot Puppet-on-Insect-and-Mayan-Fertility-Goddess Sex Shocker!

Yeah, I'm not sure it's gonna work out with the Tomato, either. ; >

This short little video brought more joy to me than I can say. It's so sweet and funny and made so much out of so little. It's stuff like this that makes me re-remember how art can be made out of the stuff in your closet and a little tech - oh, yeah, and maybe the talent.

And good to see Jossir here, bringing us the Family Goodies. Out of insomnia can come great presents... (or in my case, endless flocks of Angry Birds.)

This was much-needed and much-enjoyed. Thankee.

Potatoes! Yay!

(BreathesStory - can't believe you remembered the QG-signal. I guess it really works - aided by gossi and b!X and Cab. It was a real mood-enhancer. ; > )
Potatoes! With Garlic!


"...can't believe you remembered the QG-signal."

How could I not?* :D It was something that made me smile on one of "those" days.

*(I liked it so much, I had it bookmarked it in my WHEDONesque folder.)
Hooray! Now we just need to get Maurissa back on the interwebs, and order is restored to the interether.
Ah, Purple morning's majesty! Might show this to my Firefly class.
I've been in crisis all day. Even though I'm a girl, I want to be a Whedon Brother.
We are all WhedonBrother.
gossi said: Hooray! Now we just need to get Maurissa back on the interwebs, and order is restored to the interether.

Maybe we could sing her a song? A happy, come back to the interwebs, song.

Or show her the clip of the dog that swims with a dolphin every day. If a dog and a dolphin can get along...
Or adapt the Mighty Mouse lyrics -- Mighty Mo! :)
"I have this metal rod and it goes right up." Haha!

Sometimes I get bitter about things, too, like math or great TV shows that get canceled unfairly. But there are things that cheer me up, like my Mad Men wall calendar and chocolate.
Has the atmosphere of "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On", which is really much better.
Maybe it would comfort Mo to know that when cast in the ensemble of my current show (and promoted to having one line, whee!) I have been singing to myself over and over again, "My role, though be it brief, at least, it isn't Vietcong, it's comic relief..."

Not that I'd be likely to be cast as Vietcong anyway mind you, but it's still a nice line.

That and "I'm gonna go sit in the corner and play my violin and... math!" are constant quotes here.

ETA: So I was finally awake enough to actually watch the video. Nice stuff! Makes me want to learn how to use the camcorder app on my phone.

[ edited by Kiba on 2011-03-10 00:36 ]
Yesssssss, chocolate, my Precioussss. But chocolate + pie is even mo bettah!!
Sometimes I get bitter about things, too, like math or great TV shows that get canceled unfairly. But there are things that cheer me up, like my Mad Men wall calendar and chocolate.

That's how I feel about Fringe panel photos I've been uploading this week. I actually tweeted for people to remind me of them the next time I think life sucks. It's good to have distractions from the bitter.
My current favorite pick-me-up for "People Suck" days is the Where the Hell is Matt? video.
@Madhatter - fleshspace demands just got in the way of cyberspace demands but I'm back and raring to go again! Purple prose always catches my eye and refreshes my enthusiasm.
What a thrill to see Purple Letters gracing the black today!
Nice to see you Joss and LOVED the vid you shared.
I'm with everyone else who has asked....has everyone in your family cornered the market on all the talent in the world?
Sam is a pretty snazzy IPhone film maker!

Enjoy Avenging as I know we will enjoy The Avengers when it's our turn.

Thank you sir!
So, reading between the lines here, I deduce that:

1. The Muppets have bought the rights to Doctor Horrible; and
2. Art Garfunkel will be voicing Muppet Doctor Horrible, with John Oates as Muppet Captain Hammer?

I can see that, although it wasn't quite what I was expecting.

Oh and the video's cute. Would like to see what Hank, Henry and 'Enri can do with Alice's Restaurant...

[ edited by Eileen on 2011-03-10 03:26 ]
Thanks for checking in. And thanks for the link - there's something like talent running in that family of yours.
Happy avenging, sir. If anyone can do it right, it's not someone else.
I loved it, Joss! and I love you. I mean it. I LOVE you. And you can't do a thing about it. Also, Winter's Bone was amazing and I'm glad I got to see it at the insistence of my Oral Interpretation/Speech professor. He was's noir with meth addicts! (but seriously, the climax is chilling and heavy).
Netflix Q updated, Bold Purple Dude! Thank you for the primo noir.
Noir with meth addicts? Sounds even grimmer than the Season Two opener of Justified.

Muppet Doctor Horrible, on the other hand . . .
I never knew much about this older brother of Joss, but if I've connected the dots (google hits) correctly some of his music can be found here:
Cousin Mike's plight is kind of heartwarming. Well, not just the heart.
Joss continues to have good taste in everything. Thanks for the link!
Le sigh, and now fandom peace is restored to the land, all thanks to the mighty and noble Purple Avenger! *trumpet fanfare*

I hate it when I'm late for Purple Prose, but then the fact that there is Purple Prose at all makes up for that. Super cute video, Joss, thanks for the great distraction from my 10 page short story draft due tommorow, *looks at clock* I mean today. It also makes up for the fact that I cracked my MacBook Pro screen today, like an idiot.

[ edited by katiegrrl1016 on 2011-03-10 09:56 ]
Nice to know that even in the throes of Avenging, our beloved Purple One hasn't forgotten us.
In insomniac solidarity (it's just past 2 AM here in Hawaii). :_)
Oh catalyst2, so good to hear your voice again! Ah, you do realize that we have some intense conversations within this room that doesn't involve the color purple, right?
Purple! Long time no click!

Super-sweet to start my day seeing that! Funny too, about Winter's Bone - friend and fellow W-esquer 'turned' just said the other day that if Joss was casting Buffy today, he'd get that actress to play her.

Joss always likes the good stuff, doesn't he?
Avenge Ho!

Sounds like something a superhero pimp would say... ;)
A belated good morning now in the evening, Joss!
I'm late to the party as usual. Purpliness! Excited to see its return to the black. Thanks for sharing the link, Joss!
shapenew, hate not the tomato, for it is colorful, juicy, nutritious, and ephemeral.

Not to mention being essential in many necessary foods.

I think we may have solved the mystery of the WhedonBrother who hangs out in his underwear playing Mortal Kombat and ordering in (tomato-necessary!) pizzas -- I believe he is the shadowy Zed Whedon, mentioned in media some while back and immediately disclaimed by all who claim knowledge of the family.
Dang Joss, my wife and I finally got the kids to bed early enough to watch a movie and I talked her into Winters Bone, per what I thought was a recommendation by you. Three words: good acting, anticlimactic. Our other option was Repo Chick by Alex Cox.

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