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March 09 2011

Seth Green's voice erased from new animated film. He stars in it, but you won't hear him speaking any of the lines. UPDATED with a statement from Seth.

Update from Seth:

Just to be clear, I haven't been replaced in Mars Needs Moms=)

Please disregard all of the articles framing this as some kind of scandalous tragedy. Thank you for all the public outrage on my behalf, but you've been misinformed.

The movie was made the same way that Avatar and A Christmas Carol were, through performance capture film-making. The other actors and I performed the entire movie in skin-tight velcro suits in a massive empty volume with hundreds of cameras recording our digital information. We wore helmets with 4 cameras on our faces to capture every tiny movement of our faces- eyes, mouth, everything.

Since I'm a 37 year old man playing a 9 year old boy, it was always expected we'd get a real kid to re-record (my character) Milo's dialogue, and that's what we did. A great young actor named Seth (great coincidence, no?) Dusky recorded every line over my vocal performance, using it as a guide for his. He did a fantastic job=)

I've seen the movie and really love it. It's a family adventure movie, like Goonies or ET. The 3D is fun, and not distracting or headache-inducing.

I'm really proud of my performance in the movie, but understand it will be confusing for audiences to understand exactly what I've done in it. If we've done our job well, you won't think about me at all when you watch- you'll only see this young boy on the adventure of a lifetime.

Again, thank you to everyone who's come out to support me. We all worked very hard and I hope you enjoy this awesome movie.

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Oddly, it reminds me of Andie MacDowell's voice being dubbed in "Greystoke," the high-brow Tarzan movie. We could see Andie, but hear Glenn Close.
I love his voice (weird...), so I'm both intriguied and slightly annoyed. Understandable though, everytime I read about this film I end up coming again to the realisation that the people behind this story really care about it. I hope its awesome. I also hope they have both voices on the BD, as unlikely as that is.
I love his voice too, but I guess it makes sense since he most definitely is not 9 years old... An alternate audio track would be cool as a special feature though!
I suppose one alternative would have been to do it all as Chris Griffin, but I doubt that would have worked well either.
... What was the point in him acting out the movements then? lmfao. They could have just used a younger boy for both areas of acting. xD
Fred_Sonja, it probably has to do with logistics. Child actors are constrained by law to only work a few hours a day, get enough time for school, etc. and may not be the best at taking direction.
Fred_Sonj, adult actors are more used to working out what the script wants them to do with their bodies as well, generally speaking, as they've had more experience acting. It really would have taken a lot longer to get a child to do it.
Plus adult labour laws aren't as tight as child ones (ie they can work longer days) I'd imagine.
As others have said probably long hours, in a digital suit with stuff stuck all over the actors, not ideal for a nine year old.
Oddly, it reminds me of Andie MacDowell's voice being dubbed in "Greystoke," the high-brow Tarzan movie. We could see Andie, but hear Glenn Close.

In the UK they used to overdub Ms MacDowell's L'Oreal adverts too. Never understood why personally, I think she's got an interesting voice that's not at all unpleasant to listen to.

Good to see Seth isn't bothered by this and accepts it as a part of the process. Another smart, grounded actor from the Whedonverse, place is bloody heaving with 'em ;).
Didn't Alan Tudyk do the motion capture for iRobot, but not the voice? I remember at the time thinking that odd. Yet, in the heyday of musicals, often the actor or actress would have their singing voice dubbed by a more accomplished singer--a famous example being Audrey Hepburn/Marni Nixon in George Cukor's My Fair Lady. Seth's situation is not too unusual when viewed in that context.
Nope, Alan did the voice of Sonny too, I remember him talking about it at the time in interview. Here's one where he talks about coming up with the voice (and motion).
Ok, so I get why they'd want an adult actor, but why choose someone famous like Seth then? I guess so they can attach his name to the film and maybe attract more of an audience, but it's not like he's George Clooney. (No offense, I love Seth! Just sayin'.)

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