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March 10 2011

There's no such thing as good Firefly cosplay. Personally, I disagree, I think some of these are quite good!

Completely agree. Any of these dress up things usually look awful. I remember opening night of Serenity, seeing people dressed as the characters and it was just ridiculously bad.

Only one person should ever do this: Richard Castle.
Tumnus, you're right on - those were all pretty bad. Castle is pretty much the only one I wouldn't mind doing cosplay with Firefly! (course his outfit was a bit wrong, but we shan't quibble!)
I'm a Firefly cosplayer and I thought a lot of those costumes were rather good.

Of course, cosplayers, most of the time, don't do it for the approval of the masses. We do it because it's fun.
I think I actually know the River that the author approved. I thought the girl that is the Kaylee nearest the top of the page vibes right, too. Decent costume, and her hair's a great match.

This makes me want to assemble a cadre of vaguely-bitchy looking girls and make all of the mean girl dresses from Shindig. Those were certainly extreme enough to be done well in costume. Now to find a bunch of girls and a bunch of expendable income I can use to assemble some crazy expensive gowns...
Re: Castle, I think it's only cosplay when someone other than the actual person who played the character does it. And for the record, I though some of those costumes shown in the article were actually pretty good!
Wouldn't be my cup of tea but looking at those images all I see is people having fun. And god does fandom need to be fun sometimes. There's something mean spirited about this article, I'm not wildly fond of giving airtime to people having a go at our fandom for no apparent reason (and yes I was two minds whether to delete it).
Some of those were pretty good....but yeah, some of them were also pretty bad. No better or worse than any other fandom though, so I don't know why Firefly is specifically focused on.
I agree, Simon. I find these articles very mean-spirited and actually thought a lot of those cosplayers looked quite good. I don't mind articles about cosplayers going up here, but I'm not fond of articles mocking them.
My general view on cosplay is that some people will always look better than others, but as long as everyones smiling, then it doesn't matter.

My confusion over this article is that if you read it rather than just give your own views on the cosplay pictures, it first it says theres no such thing as good cosplay, then explains the reasoning for this being that the people who dress up aren't good looking enough (wtf?) and then, just to prove how completely lame it is, it says it isn't judging. Which it obviously is.

I would say theres no such thing as good cosplay journalism, but I happen to know there is, this example just isn't one of them.

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And also I'm proud to be in a fandom where people do this
To me, cosplay is a fun tribute. You may not look exactly like a character but if other people get it, then why does it matter? You're having fun doing it! You know what cosplay that should be booed? The trashy chicks that wear outfits that are barely there, that have no idea what show it comes from. They just wear it because it gets them attention. But that's just my opinion.....
Personally, I think these pics are great. Everybody's happy and having fun! There's nothing dorky about getting over your ego and just doing what you love. (Speaking of love, the LadySimon in that link is giving me funny feelings...)

I've never cosplayed before (though I guess I did technically go to the Serenity premiere in Edinburgh wearing a brown coat) but it looks damn fun. My pick would definitely be to go as Banning Miller - I like the idea of wearing a dress that would take a dozen slaves a dozen days to get me into!
Simon - you spelled terrified wrong ;).
Wow. Simon's video is probably on the list of the weirdest things I've ever seen.
I think about the problems with cosplay a lot. As a perfectionist, I never really try for anime costumes because you just can't make real fabric do the things that cartoons can. I think one of the merits of a subject like Firefly is the realness of the costumes. I've seen excellent Firefly cosplay and not and agree with most folks that having fun is the important part. I mean, I don't look a bit like Summer Glau but I still love being Puffy!River.

My favorite example of what I think of as good Firefly cosplay is from when I styled my husband as Badger for CSTS. He got 2nd place in the costume contest, losing only to the person who was SERENITY herself, complete with lights and the crew standing in the cargo bay.

The notion that you need to look like an actor to make up for the fact that costumes aren't wacky is silly, I think.
Kiba - it has to be said, you did a fab job making him Badgeresque :).
There's authentic-looking cosplay, and, you know, less-authentic looking cosplay, but some of my favorites have been ones that go against body-type, so it doesn't automatically make it "bad" for me when I see it - it's the execution and spirit and the fun that makes it work for me.

My absolute favorite Serenifly cosplayers to date are these Fruity-Oaty Girls - they were both authentic and inventive, which is a great combo.

(Kiba, great Badgerization. And Simon, I'm glad you didn't delete it - though the article's a little nasty, at least we have an in to talk about Whedon-y cosplay. Furry Mal made his first - I think - Whedonesque appearance here. I think it is the table-work that puts it over the top of funny.)

ETF: tippity-typo.

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I SO disagree with this person's opinion. I guess he needed a boost in hits for his column/site and bashing Firefly is bound to bring out the enraged lunatic portion of our fandom.
I've seen at least one website that make from scratch the cool Browncoat duster jackets. Hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. Looking professionally authentic takes a lot of money. But I say, have fun. That's more the point, I would think, than matching seam for seam the outfits on the show (no matter how cool or how much you would want those costumes).
Thanks zeitgeist and QuoterGal. I had a great canvas - the attitude for Badger helped as much as the clothes, I think. (Though I continue to be convinced the flamingo pin is what won it.)

QuoterGal, the Fruity Oaty Bar girls are my favorite too. I also was rather pleased with myself for being the bust-out-of-your-blouse lady at my 5th Anniversary of Serenity party.

I won't deny that sometimes it does help to look like the actors. I have a friend who could be Nathan Fillion's younger brother (at least, I think he's younger than Nathan) and one day I will get him in a fancy Mal costume (instead of one with a makeshift coat from the 70s) and tweet Nathan the pictures, since he asked for dopplegangers way back.
Simon - you spelled terrified wrong ;). Hey Zeitgeist, can't animals have fun too? And vicious commenter there, he's just wearing high-waisted pants!
Whoa, Furry Mal is definitely one of the most bizarre things I've seen on the interwebz. Cute in a weird way. Also agree that cosplay is more about dressing up for the fun of it, always did want to have a go at it.
I've never been to a Con or a ball but have seen a whole ***-load of photos because I've loved costumes so much all my life. You've no doubt seen me begging for photos on various FF sites.

I think some of the sample photos with the article were chosen with an eye to what the writer thought didn't work. There have been some gorgeous Mals through the years, and I recall a truly perfect Zoe, but where were they? Kiba's Badger was simply delightful, as was the Serenity to whom he came in second.

The basic conflict has always been between "How does it make you feel?" and "How does it make you look?" with, possibly, a mean little sub-head of "Do you have any idea how you look?"

If you feel great as a 450-pound Mal, do it. Just make sure the gun-belt is properly slanty and your 'tude is properly adjusted.

As always, since my first-grade fairy outfit, I'd go with something more in my body type, even if it's not a star character. I'm loooong past any of the female leads. Though I'd make a terrific Reaver these days I'd like to try my first idea - - the Floral Bonnet outfit from OMR. I'm not a guy but who could tell? And a big hawg-leg gun in the pocket would make it real.
I love seeing fat people cosplay as skinny characters. It warms my fat, fat heart and it's friggin' hilarious!
What a horrible mean spirited article. I mean folks do this sort of thing at cons to have fun, not seriously audition for a role in TV for gods sake.
Cosplay is not my bag and I admit I laughed out loud when I saw these photos. Then I felt mean-spirited when I read all the comments here so have decided that if it's harmless and makes you happy, who gives a frak what anyone else thinks!

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