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March 10 2011

Happy 14th Anniversary, Buffy! This link is just one of many that I noticed giving Buffy birthday wishes. Anyway. Happy fourteenth anniversary to the reason why many of us are here on this site!

Completely forgot this was today. Guess I'll do a double bill of WTTH/The Harvest and Chosen tonight.

Here's hoping to a 15th anniversary blu-ray next year?

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I feel old now and though as I always re-watch episodes , I feel like it was yesterday.
Somewhere I envy those who will discover Buffy for the first time... I would pay to know this feeling again. ;-)

Happy 14th Anniversary Folks !
Happy anniversary!

Buffy's barely a year younger than me!
Happy 14th anniversary Buffster! I plan to celebrate by watching as much of season 1 as I can in one sitting :)
Happy birthday, B!
Happy Birthday, Buff. You have no idea what you mean to me.
The bestest show of ever-est!
Happy Anniversary! I feel like I should cook something nice for dinner while basking in your company, the question is, merlot or shiraz(obviously we can't drink white wine, that represents the lymph!)?
If only I'd discovered Buffy sooner -- but I'm glad I discovered her at all!

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