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March 10 2011

March Madness Whedonverse Hairpocalypse Tournament. I can't believe that I missed the first 2 rounds, but Buffyfest is hosting their tournament and it's all about hair styles in the Whedonverse.

Fun! This just made me realise how hilariously wacky Angel's hairstyles were.
Angel's wigs for the win! Really, there's no competition. ;-)
My sister complained all the way through Angel whenever there was a flashback, partly because of his accent, but mostly because of the hair. It's pretty incredible.
I was thinking the same thing! One of Angel's wigs can really take that whole tournament.
I don't know, Angel's wigs are bad, but I think Shepherd Book's "mad scientist look" has to be the favorite.
It's gotta be the 'stache. Proof that vampires cast no reflections. He must have done something to really annoy Darla for her to give him such horrible hairstyling advice. But are we *quite* certain it wasn't really a small ferret?
I'm credibly sad that Wash's moustache isn't in the tournament. That moustache clearly had a rich history, and while admittedly it couldn't quite win out in a battle against marriage with Zoe, (I presume,) I still think it could have done well in this contest.

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