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March 10 2011

"Raise your hand if you're invulnerable!" - a Harry Groener interview. There's some great insights into Faith's character and how he coped with getting Buffy season 3 scripts at the last minute.

Wonderful interview. I'm pleasantly surprised he has such vivid memories of his character and the Season 3 arc, even a decade later. And he does offer some great insight.
He's given interviews on the show before so that might've helped keep the memories fresh.

Good interview with some nice titbits, I hadn't realised it ever got as close to the wire on Buffy as Joss sitting in the corner of the set writing scenes as they went.
The Mayor goes on my short list of all time favorite villains, along with Scorpius on FARSCAPE and Angelus. Most villains I simply tolerate. But I actively looked forward to any scene with the Mayor.

It didn't come up in the interview, but I was surprised to learn (via Wikipedia) that he trained very seriously in ballet, well up into young adulthood. I guess that helped in Spamalot.

Like Saje, I was fascinated about his talking about Joss sitting off in a corner writing away. How can you learn your lines in those kinds of situations? And I liked reading about Joss's advice in making acting decisions.
I had the good luck to meet Harry Groener this past fall, when he was starring in Athol Fugard's "The Train Driver" at the theater I work at part-time. He was so marvelous in a role that had to be emotionally grueling to play. As Front of House staff I don't usually have any interaction with the actors, but as he was leaving one day he stopped and talked to me, so I had a chance to tell him how utterly heartbreaking I found his performance. And then I added, "I wouldn't have expected that from the Mayor of Sunnydale" which got a laugh. The thing is, he was so personally charming that I thought, you know, if he had told me he wanted to turn into a giant snake and eat half the population of the city, and needed my help to do it, I probably would have just said "Sure thing."
Cool story, cheers. Harry Groener's performance is one of my favourite things about Buffy.
I think he has a refreshingly honest take on how fan/actor relationships should work, as well. I think most actors think that way, but most don't actually articulate boundaries in an interview like that--for fear of alienating fans, I expect. But he's spot on: I'd expect to get a picture or an autograph with him if I showed up at a convention, but I don't expect a personal response to a letter.
I liked that too. Yesterday I saw Matthew Fox* get swamped by "fans" of him and its so painfully awkward. Autographs should only be collected when an actor is behind a desk, imo.

*Saw Olivia Williams too, very lovely. After the performance of their show in the West End.
That was a great interview, and now I'm thinking it would be fun to go to Chicago to see 'The Madness of King George'!
jclemens, I couldn't agree more about the fan-actor relationship. I have never initiated talking to a celebrity in my life. I did have a long conversation with Sonny Rollins once, but he initiated. Played pool with Charlton Heston 25 years ago, but once again, he suggested it (detested his politics, but a really nice man one on one, and really, really tall). Normally I wouldn't even ask for an autograph. In fact, I don't think I own an autograph. On several occasions I've avoided talking with celebrities just because I figure they get harrassed.
Terrific interview, very insightful--thank you for it!
Outside the Buffyverse, with no magic to offer the tmeptations of eternal life and absolute power in return for evil deeds, I think Richard Wilkins would have lived and died as a *good* man a hundred years ago.

I often re-cast the Buffyverse with actors form the past. I think the only dead actor who could do a job comparable to Haryy was Ross MArtin, who I believe is regarded by show-biz types as truly an "actor's actor."

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