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March 11 2011

Sean Maher cast in NBC's 'Playboy' pilot. According to Deadline, he'll be a recurring character in the show that's set in a Playboy club in the early 60s.

Sounds like an interesting premise. Will keep an eye out for this; Maybe it will get an airing. With the success of Madmen, I imagine we'll see a few retro-60s type shows popping up. Nice that Sean has found some work.
If he's cast in the role I think he is, and if the writers handle it well, this could prove to be a very interesting character for him. Wish Deadline had more info.
And yes, it's nice to see Sean has been getting more steady work lately. First MIOBI and now this...hopefully it will go to series.
I had a membership to the Phoenix Playboy club in the early-mid seventies. It will be interesting to see how close they get it. Some of the best times I ever had.
Nice to see Sean get another gig, but that article informed me of Zach Gilford getting a comedy pilot - frak yes! Well, it sounds like a comedy pilot. Good stuff either way.
He'll look very purty in a 1960's suit...
More Sean please! That man can act the heck out of a scene.

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