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"So tell me.. which stage of grieving is this?"
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March 11 2011

(SPOILER) The Cape Finale will be online by midnight tonight. The series finale will be available starting 12 AM EST at

Someone post a short review here. I watched the first three, but then just kinda...stopped. If it ends well, it'd be nice to see though.
Man, another show killed by the Summer Glau cur- ow, stop throwing things!
Direct link to the episode.
Such a disappointing show. I really came to it with high hopes. I liked the look of it, but the writing was really weak. It was like a comic book but without the nuance you can find in the best of those. There were three shows I had high hopes for going into the season: The Cape, The Event, and No Ordinary Family, and all three were really disappointing.
Review so far: a ton of ads (for product and then NBC shows)... Summer lying on her side devastated... looking beautiful amid black & white destination. Shades of River, but she is so lovely when sad and broken.
This show would have been really improved with more Summer/Orwell! Just as Terminator would have been improved with WAY more Summer/Terminator! *sigh*

This could have been an awesome show. :(

Our evil corporate stooge throws the Chief of Police under the bus (surprise surprise) and we get more ads...
This was the problem with the show, it really wasn't very original or well written....

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Funny, I didn't get any ads. Maybe Adblock zapped 'em.

The finale was better than the first few eps, but not really worth the slog through the rest of it (especially because it doesn't actually have any resolution), unless you really want to see Summer Glau - and I did like her, as always. Would've liked to have gotten to the bottom of her character's story too, which sounded more interesting than the whole rest of the show.

It feels a bit mean-spirited to say this, but I'm kind of glad it was cancelled quickly so I don't have to wrestle with the choice between watching a show I don't like or missing out on too-scarce Summer appearances. Back to watching Firefly again, I guess. Darn it, I hate doing that ;)
I am at least grateful that we were afforded a few hours of Summer Glau. Her tough, yet vulnerable performance as Orwell brought back fond memories of River Tam. I am still hopeful that one day, she can find a role where she can stretch her abilities.

Like Eliza Dushku, she's portrayed as a show-killer, but both these ladies take the material given to them and run with it to the best of their abilities, and have provided memorable characters. Thanks, Summer.

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