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March 12 2011

'The Smurfs' theatrical trailer starring Neil Patrick Harris. The movie will be out in August.

It seems to be provoking quite the backlash online.

Oh. My. &#$%&!

I a little torn. One one hand, I'm a big fan of NPH, Jayma Mays (love her!), Hank Azaria, and just about the whole cast. On the other... this just looks like a giant clustersmurf waiting to happen.

Looks like it could be dreadful, but it also could be fun.

At first the link didn't work for me, but on second try it did.

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As much as I love NPH and Hank Azaria, I won't be seeing this unless it gets absolutely rave reviews from people I trust - and it will have to be a whole lot better than it looks from that.

First, I'm not a fan of 'we're out of ideas so let's remake movies from all these old cartoons and tv shows, keeping only the skimmed version of what they seem like and not really anything to do with what they were originally' fad in Hollywood these days. I just don't get the point. I was never a huge fan of the Smurfs to begin with, so I'm really not that bothered either way.

Second, I dislike most live-action movies with cartoon characters... Who Framed Roger Rabbit is the only one I've liked thus far. Cartoon voices irritate me.

Third, if it didn't have NPH or Azaria, there was absolutely nothing in those clips that looked remotely entertaining, funny or intriguing to me, so I'd really only be going to see them. And since I have a lot of things with NPH, I really don't see the need.

I'm happy to be wrong about this. If people I generally tend to agree with movies all come back and say 'this is the cleverest movie in years, you have to go see it', I probably would... but nothing in those previews convinced me it was worth the 7 to stand at the cinema to watch it.
That looks poor.

But also, the film that Avatar could have been.
I couldn't decide about this, I sort've enjoyed watching the trailer as awkward as the Smurf's looked interacting with the live-action peeps. I'm not even a huge hater of these Chipmunk/Garfield type films, they float around and whatever but this one is just a smurfwreck waiting to happen. It just leaves a horrible taste in your mouth, absolutely more than any other trailer has done in a long long time - for me at least. (Though I never caught Number 4/Beastly ones).

We'll see. /watches Super 8 trailer again.
I hope NPH got all his pay in advance. This looks.... oh my.
Looks awful.
This is smurfed up.
This looks really fun, can't wait to see it.
Thank god! Really glad to see a positive reaction (wish I'd been more univocally positive myself!)
Really don't get the negative reaction to this trailer. I generally do hate what Jaymii has dubbed "Garfield type" films (the trailers for Garfield almost made me vomit).
There certainly is a chance I might end up disliking this. But so far the trailers are quite appealing and I have a feeling might enjoy this a lot. Though I'm not sure yet if I'll go to the cinema to see it.
Neil, smurfs, sign me up.
I've decided, if nothing else, to Netflix this and fast forward through all the parts Neil's not in.
Leave my childhood alone Hollywood.......
I actually want to see this. Not sure if it'll be good, but it could be fun. Though they've done better to cast Gargamel as Alan Rickman.

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