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March 12 2011

Nathan Fillion mentioned in The Onion. A back-handed compliment about his enthusiastic fans. Ouch.

Let's help Jon Hamm buy Mad Men.
Or Philip Morris. Which would he prefer ?
Does this article leave a lot out or is he as douchey as this article makes him sound?
The Onion is a US satire site and any "news" item is fictional.
Skytteflickan, meet The Onion. Onion, meet Skytteflickan. I think you guys have some catching up to do.
Oh. So this was suppose to be funny? Hmm...
Probably just witty.
In defense of the show, there probably isn't a half hour on TV that I find funnier than this. For a while they had Portlandia and The Onion News Network back to back, and I thought the entire thing sheer genius. The news anchor (I've read that she used to be a reporter on FOX News, but since I avoid that network like my life depends upon it - and in a way it does - I wouldn't recognize her from that) is just brilliant in her role. Some of the stories are absolute genius. They do occasionally, though not often, fall flat. I plan on buying the show on DVD as soon as it is released.
Yeah, the TV show has been laugh out loud funny in a few places and has even had some satirical bite (like the segment on Oklahoma enacting a law that allows doctors to pretend to perform abortions or the item on the white middle-class woman who was being tried as a black man). My only real experience of Fox News is from 'The Daily Show' but from that it looks like the Onion News Network captures the style perfectly (didn't know the presenter used to be a Fox News reporter but that'd explain why she's so good in the role).

Reminds me of (UK news satire) 'The Day Today' only less surreal.
I don't know why they consider that "news" or why it deserves a post in here. I mean, who cares?
It's not news, it's a joke. It just depends on whether or not fans can laugh at themselves.
I don't know why people are seriously getting worked up over this, especially when this article is linking to another Onion article called "Town Of Davenport, Iowa Descends Into Hell Following Gay Marriage Ceremony."

It's a satire.

I don't read the Onion, but it kind of has a place in my heart anyway. Every few months I see an article linked somewhere, followed by some confused or outraged comments, then someone's explanation about what the Onion is. The pattern's been repeating for maybe a decade now. In that way it may just be the one news source I can count on.
Yeah - just so everyone's clear this is 'sense of irony required' territory.
Umm, I think it's all good. Since it's not possible to be overenthusiastic about Nathan Fillion. Really, tell people how awesome he is, who isn't going to look at you and say, "damn, I was just thinking that myself!" In fact, I think we all may be in danger of being underenthused. More declarations of Fillion love now!
I assume you're kidding, ninjapigeon, because I've seen plenty of overenthusiasm about Nathan Fillion. Mostly in the last few weeks but, there were some seriously scary (and grabby) fans back in the days of Serenity. *shudder*

The fact that he still recognizes and likes the fandom is a little bit of a miracle and probably mostly due to him being a forgiving and nice gentleman.
*waves hi to Hera!*

Ouch indeed. But....*giggle*
I think it's funny. But not as funny as "Obama Depressed, Distant Since 'Battlestar Galactica' Series Finale."

"I'm a little concerned," first lady Michelle Obama was overheard saying at a fundraising event Tuesday. "When Firefly was canceled, he walked around like a zombie for a week, and Serenity was the only thing that snapped him out of it. Last night he said he felt like he had just discovered David Axelrod was one of the Final Five, whatever that means."

When I worked in HIV/AIDS clinical trials (not on the science end), this article had us in stitches, in a wry sorta rueful way:

Study Finds Jack Shit

Here are some of my favorite Onion articles - apparently a number of them having swears in the title.

Scientists Baffled By Man's Incredible Ability To Fuck Up Every Time
New Wonder Drug Enables Users To Get Higher Than Hell
Open-Minded Man Grimly Realizes How Much Life He's Wasted Listening To Bullshit
79 Percent Of Americans Missing The Point Entirely
Local Idiot To Post Comment On Internet

(I like the BSG one, Sunfire. And much as I'm so willing to laugh at our fandom, especially if it's at other people ; >, I didn't think this was one of The Onion's better efforts - though it is a short one, and basically has just the one joke...)
IrrationaliTV. There might have been a little bit of an inside giggle there. I think he still likes the fandom because he's Canadian, and we tend to be needy like that. I blame it on the fact that the aliens never seem to attack us (in the movies) so when people pay attention to us, even in really inappropriate ways, we see it as validation of our existence. I'm pretty sure it's the reason Alex Trebek shaved his moustache too.

Oh, and thank you for replying to my post. I was a little worried about my own existence!
I love The Onion videos. Sony's latest product (NSFW audio) and Giant Crabs particularly.

Sony video is very NSFW audio wise.
I rarely swear myself since I think it has far more effect if used sparingly, but the Sony one is great. Like the Steve Martin trying to return his rental car in Planes Trains And Automobiles it just makes it funnier.

This one is great as well.

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