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March 12 2011

Felicia Day's SXSWi Keynote Speech to be livestreamed on conference web site. Speech is on Monday at 2pm CDT.

Erm, for those of us who aren't well versed in these things, what time will that be GMT? Or will it be available afterwards rather than just live?
Felicia Day is speechifying here? Damn, I should have bought SXSW tickets.

Except for the part where I didn't have the money. Sigh.

Oh well, yay for her, anyway.
CDT is five hours behind GMT (so 7 pm GMT). Though it may not be available outside the US anyway (without engaging in proxy shenanigans).
Yesterday I was walking back from the Austin Rowing Club up San Jacinto, and passed Felicia Day walking the opposite way, animatedly talking on her phone thing. She was alone, and when we passed each other I gave her a winning smile and a finger wave. She paused in mid-sentence, smiled back, said HI, and resumed her conversation. Totally random. Made my day.

I seldom do SXSW any more, but it has been fun to think one might spot James Gunn or Felicia or Eliza Dushku. They're all in town this week. For a short time every year we get to see what it's like to live in LA.

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