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March 13 2011

Our captain in the Sunday magazine. Nothing new, but a nice little interview.

My theory is if there’s going to be a zombie attack, an over-water bungalow is a great place to be.

Dude! Zombies don't drown.

Do zombies drown?
Maybe it's not so much about drowning as swimming.
According to Max Brooks, the world-renowned authority on the subject who wrote "World War Z" (a book I recommend highly), zombies cannot drown, but they also can't swim. You are basically in danger of being grabbed by on standing on the ocean or lake floor if you are in range of their reach. Or of course if they walk back out of the water onto land.
My respect for Nathan (which already knew no bounds) has gone up tremendously with the knowledge that he's reading World War Z. Quite possibly my favorite book of the last decade. :)
I absolutely love that he can watch Hoarders while eating a steak. Also, that he gets something positive out of it. I can't watch it anymore - too depressing.
There are few things more amusing than calling people out on their dangling prepositions.
"World War Z", one of my favorites as well. :o)
I usually don't miss my busstop, reading a book, but that book made me!
I would think that a hungry zombie could shimmy up the bungalow-bearing pillars.

ETA Unless . . . you outfitted the pillars with proper zombie baffles. Like the ones designed to keep squirrels out of bird feeders. Same principle.

ETA Squirrels, however, have been known to thwart the them-baffles with impunity and, it must be said, rank arrogance. So the real question here is this: Are zombies smarter than squirrels?

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Whether or not they can actually swim, I would think that a zombie's rotting flesh would attract sharks and other flesh-eating fishes.

But that raises another question - would all flesh-eating creatures eat zombie flesh, or only ones that eat carrion?
Squirrels are smarter than zombies.
Would carrion-eating sea creatures who consumed the walking/sinking dead become zombified and, if so, what would they then want to eat?

Squirrels are smarter than zombies.

I hope so. For all our sakes.
Squirrels are also much more Real than Zombies.

-I know... "Spoilsport!". :D
Hopefully, the zombies (particularly if they are Edgar Wright zombies) would be smacking their lips and making that "I'm hungry" sound as they crawl up the pilings, alerting Nathan, who then jumps out the window with fins, snorkel and face mask to swim away safe from harm. Then there's sharks, but that's another issue.
Do we know for sure that squirrels are real?
I'm not sure, but wasn't there a fake squirrel called "Buffy" in the Blade Runner novel?
There are enough squirrels getting into my birdfeeder, so yeah.... real.
It depends on whose zombies you are talking about. Max Brooks' zombies cannot turn doorknobs or run or climb. If you are talking about "Dawn of the Dead" remake zombies, they can shimmy along overhead pipes, so it's a matter of how squir-real the particular zombies are :)
But that raises another question - would all flesh-eating creatures eat zombie flesh, or only ones that eat carrion?

If memory serves, zombie flesh in the World War Z verse is extremely toxic when ingested by a living being--or at least a human living being. I can't remember whether or not Brooks mentioned if it was the same for non-human animals.

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