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March 14 2011

Returning to the Basement: Excavating the Unconscious in Buffy's "Restless". A very detailed look at Willow, Xander, Giles and Buffy's dreams.

Heh this just makes me want to go and watch Restless again.

That was interesting, although to be honest I kind of always think back to Joss' commentary when he says that most people just seemed to 'get' the episode, and while this essay is obviously utilising academic discourse to explore what is going on, I find that her interpretation is not far off my own which was developed without reference to Lacan, Freud and Butler.

It was nice to have things articulated in a manner I couldn't come up with though, especially Xander's dream which I always had the hardest time processing out of all the dreams.
Bookmarked this, no time right now but Restless is a constant on my BtS top 5 list (the really short list :_)
That was really interesting. Particularly her interpretation of bits of Restless that refer directly to the "the Primitive is trying to kill us!" narrative, since she left that out entirely.

I mean, like when Spike told Giles, “You gotta make up your mind… Haven’t you figured it all out yet?” I always saw that within the framework of the larger story, and never really reflected on other meanings in the context of Giles's personal dream.

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