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March 14 2011

James Gunn on The Avengers - "[Everybody says] it's the best script for a Marvel movie ever". He also says that "nobody loves superheroes more than Joss. He's really got his heart in the right place."

Maybe I'm just being pedantic but I don't like the title. James Gunn didn't say it's the best script for a Marvel movie ever he said that everyone he knows who has read it thinks that. There's nothing in the article to indicate that Gunn has read the script so this is just what he's heard not his actual opinion.
That bit was actually cut for length but I take your point and edited it.
Heresay or not, it's great to see and exactly what you'd expect--Joss has been building towards this for, well, his whole career. I am not usually one to seek out spoilers on things I'm looking forward to but in this case I hate to admit I'd probably read the script front to back if I got my hands on it (not that I have any particular means of doing such a thing). So geeked for this.
Speaking of James Gunn, I cannot wait to see Super. Nathan Fillion is getting raves for his performance as The Holy Avenger.
I've realised I'm going to be in disbelief till, well, the credits are playing. Maybe after. Joss Whedon is doing The Avengers!
I'm sure the script for Avengers is being kept secret (in order to keep it from being published online), but I would certainly think that having good word of mouth is a good thing. And I'm very excited to see James Gunn's Super.
I just about sobbed with happiness reading this. As worried as I am about how Avengers is going to affect Joss's involvement in Buffy, the man deserves every bit of attention he's getting and going to get from this movie.

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This is pretty amazing. I'm a little scared that I'll end up disappointed with these sky-high expectations, but...well, let's assume I won't!
Gunn is very persnickety about his likes/dislikes (pretty discerning) and he loves Joss, so I don't take that he heard it from others and repeats it with a grain of salt. I look at it as an awesome aside from someone who knows what he's talkin' about!
This is a great sign. The Avengers is a challenging superhero story to make into a good screenplay. If Joss can pull it off, then he's going to go from critically acclaimed cult writer/director to critically acclaimed A-list writer/director (see, e.g., Sam Raimi and Christopher Nolan). And then he's going to get tons of funding for everything he wants to do. Wouldn't that be something? Fingers crossed.

Oh yea, and Super looks mega-cool.

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