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March 14 2011

Buffy among top 5 high school TV series of all time. Washington Post education columnist Jay Mathews ranked his top 5 high school TV series of all time, paying special attention to those that addressed the academic side of high school, were well-written, and had significant reader support.

Of course BtVS had a life outside of high school (at least for the core scoobies, post-third-season), but I'd say it's in pretty good company. Also, FYI, #1 on the list is a local DC quiz show.

What? No Veronica Mars?
While I agree Buffy needs to be on there, Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World were omitted.
Oh come on, the writing on Saved by the Bell and Boy Meets World was cheesy, at best.

I think one could definitely make a case, writing-wise, for Veronica Mars, but you almost never saw her in class or working on school work. (Most of the time we saw her in school, she was in the newspaper room working on her latest case.)

Frankly, understanding the criteria, I'm not quite sure that Daria belongs there either (I don't recall seeing her study/learn), but it seems like the columnist's daughter played a great role in getting that show onto the list.
Oh, It's Academic <3
No, most of the time when we saw Veronica Mars in school, she was in the girls' bathroom conducting business... :-)
My thoughts exactly Dana5140!
VM was definitely shortchanged here... close attention to the academic side, since Veronica's constantly chasing scholarships and grades; in a lot of ways it was a more accurate portrayal of high school than BtVS.
I don't think I've ever seen a full episode of Daria, but when a younger friend recently told me I remind her of the character, I knew enough to be flattered to death.

Kind of surprised that Freaks and Geeks was omitted. But a list of five is bound to leave out most of our favorites, I expect.
That is a pretty awful list!

My So-Called Life
Friday Night Lights

Three no brainers. But so is Veronica Mars.

Not sure what my fifth would be. Freaks and Geeks wasn't bad though I sometimes consider it the most overrated show in TV history (I mean, some people act as if TV were created for Freaks and Geeks).

Daria was strictly an acquired taste. I think any show going on that list needs to have a certain universality.
So glad others had the same thought I did about Veronica Mars!

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