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March 14 2011

Julie Benz joining untitled supernatural-themed drama pilot from CBS. As reported on

Following on the recent news of her No Ordinary Family co-star Michael Chiklis also booking a new pilot, this would seem to spell out that particular show's future pretty plainly.

Just last week I read some online rumors that the show WAS going to be picked up for another season. Well that sucks. While NOF wasn't very cerebral, it was definitely my favorite new guilty pleasure show. How disappointing.
Chiklis' pilot and this one take 2nd position to their commitments on NOF. That means in the increasingly unlikely chance that NOF gets picked up for another season they won't be able to do the new shows.
Did NOF end up getting better? I bailed after torturing myself through five episodes.
Not really IMO. The pilot seemed a bit more self-aware and just generally more fun, after that the episodes have had moments but they've been few and far between (the between's largely being filled with a lot of "character A does something really stupid/conveniently forgets they have superpowers because the plot requires it" and hackneyed family friendly storylines - in-laws from hell, friendly suburban couple that's more than they seem, that sort of thing).
Has it aired in the UK?
Yeah, it's on Watch if you have that. I wouldn't subscribe just for this though if I were you.
I make it a policy to watch only two bad US tv shows at a time. No room for No Ordinary Family unfortunately.
Give me a minute; I've been practicing surprise for a few months now, I've almost got it.
Give me a minute; I've been practicing surprise for a few months now, I've almost got it.

I laughed out loud at that. It's unfortunate for the show if it's not picked up, but JB seems to move between shows seamlessly. Props for that. I do wonder about the premise of this "supernatural-themed" pilot.
It's one of my husband's favourite shows. Don't know why.
Julie Benz deserves much better than NOF. Here's hoping she gets it.

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