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March 15 2011

Reviews of Olivia Williams star-turn, In a Forest Dark and Deep. Solid reviews for Olivia Williams and Matthew Fox.

Article and curtain call photos

Ah, you beat me to it.

Here's one from The Guardian UK and one from The Independent

Foxy and Olivia also got solid reviews (stellar, even), but not Neil LaBute (not really)

Here's a fan review, where we learn that Damon Lindelof watched the preview of the play, and you can listen to the Q&A here or here via iTunes (it's #70).

And yes, I'm a hoarding hoarder who hoards. lol

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Thanks for the links. The Guardian UK and Independent are linked at the bottom of the topic review, as well.
She was also on Woman's Hour last week.
Oh, good! I'm going to try to see that when I'm in London in a couple weeks.
Please report back! I'll check this topic after it goes into archives. As much as I love film, it is always wonderful to see actors on stage.
It's very good. I saw a preview and would probably argue it takes 20 minutes or so for the actors, writing and world to settle in both the performance and the viewers eyes. I really enjoyed it though. It's been advertised as being much darker and twisted than it was, and although it features numerous twists-and-turns, its nothing more than an episode of Lost. I was surprised and pleased by Olivia's accent - I heard some British occasionally but she either kicked it up a gear or I got more absorbed. Certainly made less noticeable by the fact Matthew Fox adopted an accent too. Good choice for my first non-musical West End show I think. :)

I'm annoyed I didn't see Damon. I was on the look-out for him at my performance. Heh.
I bought a seat in the Upper Circle but got a free upgrade to the Stalls, so I had a really good view of Matthew Fox yelling at Olivia Williams! The play itself was decent, with a continuously unveiled secret peppered with uncomfortable misogyny. The set was fantastic, as they actually made it look like a cabin cut in half: you can see the triangular roof, which decreases the airspace of the stage and makes it feel more confined.

Matthew Fox was really good, but I think Olivia's accent got in the way of her acting. It made her voice very squeaky at times, and since she's on the defensive for most of the play, it made her sound even weaker as a character. There were several moments where I thought she could have been giving a better performance if she weren't concentrating on her accent.
I saw it shortly after you, Polter-Cow... I liked it. Olivia and Matthew Fox are crazy great. I went with Dichen and Fran, so some fans who had Dollhouse DVDs with them for Olivia to sign got bumper signatures. We also took one of them to the pub.

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