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March 15 2011

(SPOILER) Spike #6 preview pages are up. The issue comes out tomorrow.

Preview looks good.
Last issue was very impressive.
What? Spike's a Hollow? When did this turn into Bleach?

"You guys have an old friend shorthand that's really endearing and alienating."

Hee. And yeah, Dru smiling is pretty much never a good thing.
Taaroko, I had the same thought! Spike is Ulquiorra!

Err, right, something more relevant to the preview... is that Lilah in the last panel?
Hehe, high five, Enisy.
After reading the description for the issue I'm wondering if Spike is Starscream.
haha they put the wrong description with it.
Nice. Just read my issue. Good for Spike being all proven. Bringing Lilah back? Kind of kicking a dead horse, pun intended. Poor Jeremy though. And Drusilla with a soul? Nice.
So, Enisy was right...

What? Dru with a soul? That's quite unexpected. She's got the soul of that serial killer? That's quite a package deal.
It seems like the process in this comic was if you lose a soul then someone else can gain a soul. There doesn't seem to be an identity tied to it IMO.
If I read the issue right, the person who lost the soul was Spike. Which ... not at all happy about. Tell me I read it wrong. Please!
I have my copy of Spike #6 of 8Some MAJOR stuff does happen in this one as reported above.

1)Yes that is Lilah in the preview page.

It's like how she appeared in the episode,"Home" and how Holland Manners appeared in,"Reprise."

2)Spike/Beck shippers get their moment in this issue.

Spike rescues Beck and George in the issue(George is still freaked from seeing Spike and Dru's past in Dru's mind and is now uncomfortable around Spike).After Spike unchains Beck,she kisses him even though she knows he doesn't feel that way about her.She just wants that one moment with him.

Dru sees this and is upset/hurt(switches from vamp face while she is protecting Jeremy to her human appearance with a hurt expression

3)Really scared for Jeremy now.

Relating to the above.Spike tells Dru to protect Jeremy which she says she will.

But then after seeing Spike and Beck kissing and being hurt,she feeds off Jeremy and encourages John to remove Spike's soul.

That leads us to the first of out two biggies.

4)Spike loses his soul.

John wants to remove Spike's soul.He knows removing Spike's soul won't give him back his.He just wants Spike to suffer as he is suffering.Maybe knowing Spike won't feel the same again either like him will give him the spark he's looking for.

And he succeeds.He catches Spike off guard and lays him on a pentagram and succeeds in removing Spike's soul.Except Spike believes he no longer needs a soul.He was good without one to being with.

And this leads us to our second biggie.

5)Drusilla receives her soul.

6)The bug ship is introduced and the Twilight that is coming is hinted at.

This is what the issue ends on.The introduction of the bug ship and the hints of Twilight which is why W&H is leaving our plane.

This whole bit from Lilah I find really interesting.She's obviously talking about Twilight and the events in Buffy season 8.It's interesting how it seems that all Wolfram & Harts 's actions over the years was setting the stage for Twilight but in the end they aren't the big players in it.The events with Twilight and the changes to the universe it causes,Wolfram and Hart is not a part of that and they are high tailing it out of here before Twilight hits.It seems Spike spaceship is a part of their escape plans.

As for the rest.I can't wait to see what happens next issue starting with souled Dru(and it is poetic that Spike chooses to give Dru her soul) and what happens now that Spike no longer has a soul and doesn't feel he needs it anyway anymore.The way the sould balance thing works in this issue is that since Spike lost his soul,he gets to choose who he gets their soul back and he chooses Dru.
Wow, can I say that I am almost speechless by the recent developments? Lilah being around gives me incredible hope that my Wesley will live to see another day and that makes me so very happy.

If that isn't enough, Spike loses his soul and Dru gains one. I can't wait to see how this plays out and I love Spike a little again for doing this for her. I guess the comments from Spike about Dru being his "home" were a little forshadowing..who knew it would be this cool? :)

Brian and Joss are the BEST!
This was really great. Excellent writing. Lynch is fantastic. Does Spike not have his soul during the Buffy #40, then? Seemed sweet and souly, even then.

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