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March 15 2011

Eliza Dushku: "It's not just about focusing on yourself". Great interview with Eliza where she talks about dealing with the pressure to be thin in Hollywood, and the project to build a healing center in Uganda.

"...I see such beautiful people on the outside that don't have like a slice of self love. And if you're not loving yourself, you can't be loving someone else. There's nothing more frightening than a shell of a person. It's so what comes through people, it's absolutely true beauty to me. And I think to the rest of the world, whether they are in tune to it or not. It's coming through the soul, through your heart, through your eyes."

I think this may be the best Eliza Dushku interview.
No matter how many times you forget it, you can turn around and help someone. Or you can deliver a positive message or share with someone or just listen to someone share their story with you, it's just the best gift there is. And it's free.

Wow. She's really an amazing woman. Joss really has the knack for finding the beautiful people, doesn't he? And I don't just mean physically.

I had a thought while reading this article - had Dollhouse run longer, do you think the issue of body image would have been brought into it? Like if November was passed over for an assignment in favor of, say, Sierra, and Echo found out it was because the client thought she didn't have the right body type. Or, the complete reverse, if November did get the assignment because Sierra was "too small."
Seeing as Eliza was a producer on the show and the issue is important to her, I would have said more than likely.
That could have been interesting.

So....Amber and Eliza have both been told, erroneously, that they're "fat," and Christina is being lauded for her "real woman" curves.

No point there, just a "I'm very tired and should have been in bed hours ago" observation.
Nevermind the size thing, should beautiful people be allowed to actually be nice, grounded human beings too ? Not convinced personally, it plays hell with my preconceptions.

The usual sanity from Ms Dushku, good interview.
right, Saje, the Leanne Womack song says physically beautiful people are meant to be hated.

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