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March 15 2011

(SPOILER) Saying goodbye to IDW's Angel. Jeff Mariotte, Brian Lynch, Scott Tipton and David Tischman look back on the last six years.

Great interview by all.It was very intersting hearing what the plans were if IDW hadn't had to give the Angel rights back.
This was a bittersweet article. I really liked a lit of what IDW was doing, aside from Aftermath. Looking forward to the yearbook and what all the stories will be about. I hope Beta George gets to cross over.
I actually teared up, hearing that a Wesley/Fred story is on the way. That's just so amazingly sweet. And sad. They both got such heartbreaking endings as individuals, but it's great that their happiness together will help form the ending of 'Angel' as a series.
The current storyline, with Angel in the future, was originally envisioned as a 12-issue, year-long maxi-story. And it was all about Angel, really focusing on him in the future.

Man, I'd love to read that arc.

Letís do a spin-off, "CapíN Spike And The SS Grasshopper." Come on, itíll be fun. For all I know, Dark Horse is doing that.

Yes! Pretty please! I remember jokes, back in 2002-2003, that Capt. Mal Reynolds is a cross between Spike and Angel, and Jayne is a cross between Spike and Harmony. Jokes aside, I think that Joss can re-imagine Spike and put him in Mal's shoes.
And it was all about Angel, really focusing on him in the future.

I'm assuming that is what Brian was referencing back in After The Fall. The flash-forward scenes were very good indeed.
I love all these dudes and I love IDW. This article made me equal parts sad and proud. Sad, because... well, clearly. Proud because I got a chance to work on Angel: Yearbook with these brilliant, brilliant folks. Please buy and support the work, because so, so much heart went into this book.
Thanks, IDW, for a wonderful run! I'll miss your stories, especially Brian Lynch's Spike.

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