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March 16 2011

Vote for Whedonesque in the SFX Blog Awards. The magazine has nominated us for "Best Fan Community". Jane Espenson got nominated for "Best Celebrity Blog".

Imo Jane Espenson is great and all, but Jewel Staite's blog should be on there as well and winning by a landslide based on the url alone.
Yay! Can we start working on our acceptance speech?
"First of all, we'd like to thank Tim Berners-Lee's parents for making all of this possible..." ;).

Huzzah for the Wh'esque, easily the most stylish and slimming of all the nominees, with their merely fashionable blues, whites and sort of grey-ishes.
Heh. Voted.

This being SFX, we probably won't win though. It's the most Who-infatuated media outlet known to man, after all ;). But, of course, we rightly should win, of course :)
Jane hasn't even blogged since September.
b!x - That's what I came here to mention. I love Jane's blog, and it's genuinely helped me in my own writing, but to claim that she has "regular updates" is, these days, a false claim. Oh, well.

That being said, my vote has officially and gladly been cast for Jane as well as this fine spot here.
Man I'm gonna be bummed if we lose out to the Doctor Who sect.
I have to say, Jane Espenson loses points from me for not having updated in months. She's active on Twitter, and fun to read, but it's not the same kind of thing. So I voted for John Scalzi.

(And I'm all grumpy about the comment about Whedonesque's closed membership. 1. It's not always closed, and 2. at least you don't have to sign up just to read the site!)
Fingers crossed (and buttons clicked) for Whedonesque, but I had to sadly skip Jane's now-defunct blog in favor of John Scalzi's Whatever. I don't go there much, don't even follow Scalzi on twitter anymore, but whenever I do visit I leave laughing.

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