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March 16 2011

SciFiMafia reviews Dr. Horrible: The Book. Sounds like an excellent companion piece!

Wow, Titan really pushed the boat out for this one. So cool!
I didn't even know this existed! Wow! I need it!
That Nathan. Funny, funny man. The book (which I also didn't know existed) sounds great, consider me allured (though I haven't had the cash to spring for 'Firefly: Still Flying' yet so I may have to prioritise. Conundra, conundra).
I've pre-ordered, and I know I'll love it!
So you're pre-enjoying it too !
I got email from Titan the other day to get my address, so I assume that they did in fact use a photo or two of mine in this. Waiting to see.
I had this in my shopping basket, but I don't know whether I can justify buying it, because then it'll lead to the four Firefly companions, the three Buffy books and... is there any for Angel? Either way, it costs lots and my inner-collector is problematic for this stuff. I need to keep my collections to the relative core.

It does, though, look incredibly tempting and wonderful. ;)

UPS just delivered my copy. I am hoping having a number of photos in it will count towards trying to get an SDCC press badge this year, since I still don't have a pass.

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