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March 16 2011

Wait, I've Seen that Redhead Somewhere. Some sharp-eyed person at the Huffington Post recognized "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks in a guest-starring role in a little-known, single season, "sci-fi cult classic". What was that show again?

Ha, I find this funny because she was a big part of the reason I bothered to start watching MM way back in season 1. Her and Vincent K. It's just weird to think of her as, "Big TV star who once had a tiny guest appearance on this sci-fi show!" rather than, "Big Firefly character who went on to end up in a pretty big show!"

I guess that distinction is pretty fine, but it's still weird to me.
If this mention gets some Huffington Post readers to watch Firefly, that's all to the good.
Christina Hendricks was also in flashback scene of Angel episode "The Prodigal" portraying a barmaid at Liam's fave tavern,

Darla: Who's that one?

Barmaid: He's God gift alright. His lies sound pretty when the stars are out but he forgets every promise when the Sun comes up again.

Darla: That won't really be a problem for me actually.

Perhaps her role was crucial in a way since it encouraged Darla further to follow Liam when he left and "show him the world" ;)
That's why Firefly will remain forever a (cult) classic - such a great group of actors! Between Castle and Mad Men and HIMYM and Chuck, and any other series in our BDH's futures, new fans will be discovering Firefly well into the middle of the century. If not further! :)
It's kinda funny seeing as how more people watched Firefly than they do Mad Men. Critical praise goes a long way.
As does being on cable (AMC's highest rated show ever AFAIK - the premiere of 'The Walking Dead' - got around 5 million viewers which would probably put them on the bubble on Fox, if not cancelled outright).

Minor spoilers (not for us of course, I mean for any Huffington Post readers that come to the show from this article) but apart from that, more eyeballs can't be bad.

... frickin' typos. In two sentences ? It could be morning ;).

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Christina was in Playboy?!?

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