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March 17 2011

Nathan Fillion is on the cover of latest Entertainment Weekly. As the cover says: "Geek God".

Ahhh the other thread was deleted before I could answer! But don't worry Raggedy Edge, I was prepared and copied your post.

I like the first sentence in the article so very much, I popped over here to post. Beaten to the punch! I had never thought about Nathan this way, but it is pretty accurate that he lives simultaneously betwixt the worlds of Comic-Con and Costco moms. I've been trying to think of other actors inhabiting similar places in our pop culture, but after a first flip through the mental rolodex, I'm coming up short.
Raggedy Edge | March 17, 15:28 CET

David Boreanaz? Maybe David Tennant in the UK.

Wow, was my response really worth the effort I just put in? Hmmm.
sad now. Missed my first post by a few minutes thanks to a slow computer. The other post wasn't there when I started. :-(

[ edited by Beckilyn on 2011-03-17 15:55 ]
Happens to the best of us Beckilyn. At least your first deletion was just for a double post and not something unworthy of the front page. Those leave the lasting hurt. ;)

And to be on topic: Nathan Fillion is awesome.
That's the best magazine cover pose.
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Cannot wait to get my EW tomorrow. And it's true. My mom is 63 now and she loves Castle. Which I do too, but I still haven't gotten her to watch Firefly/Serenity.
I love Nathan Fillion! Just last weekend I was talking with my mother-in-law about Castle and NF's awesomeness. I then sent her home with my precious Firefly and Serenity DVDs. I still haven't heard what she thought of them, but Firefly and Nathan Fillion are two things I can always recommend to anyone.
PS. I'm from Alberta too!
That sounds like a pretty good feature (from the included snippets). Wonder who'll be for Castle/Beckett sooner and who later of the two of them ? Also, let's help Nathan buy David O. Russell ! Who's with me ?

(and nice pic but a bit over-airbrushed. His left arm looks kinda weird too, like they may have repositioned it "in post". Or maybe he originally had a lantern ring to go with his t-shirt and they were meant to CGI something into the photo ?)
Where can you buy EW in stores ?
Is he the second Whedonverse actor to appear on the front cover?
Simon, Who was the first?
Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Not my favorite Nathan pic ever, but anything that gets him more fans is okay by me. :)
Nathan is awesome; speaking as a 61 year old fan of Castle AND Firefly, I'm not ashamed to say that I would avoid mobbing him and would just respectfully admire him from afar (I love my Captain).
I'm kind of surprised that Alyson or NPH have never had an EW cover, at least as a part of an ensemble for HIMYM or in Aly's case, the American Pie series.
I didn't realise Sarah had four covers, that's pretty impressive.
So nice of him to where green for St. Patrick's Day. :)
Oh, Kaan. It was worth it to me!

I was wondering about UK actors, actually. I certainly enjoy many things that make it over here from over there, but am left without really good context for how a BBC watching public receives them. David Boreanaz is similar in that way to Nathan because of Bones (my mother actually referred to him as "Cutie Pie" back when she watched it), but I also don't detect quite the same level of moony-eyed adoration from the nerd set. And to be totally clear, I'm not dissing on the man or on Angel, it's just an observation and comparison of the way that I see him perceived by fans versus the way Nathan is perceived by fans.
As far as geek-adjacent stars go, Kaan's probably spot-on with David Tennant and i'd say it's for broadly the same reasons, mainly 1) in interview/real life they're both quite charming, funny, personable people but also very clean-cut and polite with quite "safe" public images, guys you could take home to Mum basically and 2) they're both kind of geeky themselves (David Tennant is a big 'Doctor Who' fan for instance and would talk about "his Doctor" - i.e. the incarnation he was at the right age to really enjoy - in the same way that fans do).

David Boreanaz is (depending on taste) 1) but not 2) from above i.e. if you listen to him in interview he's clearly not a geek, not into sci-fi etc. which may partly explain the differing fan attitudes. He's also come across a few times as seeing playing Angel as a job (as i'm sure most actors do cos, y'know, it is) whereas Nathan clearly loved playing Mal, he's as big a fan of the character as we are.

(also not dissing the guy BTW, i've got a lot of time for DB in interview, he seems straightforward)
I don't usually comment, but that's an interesting difference and points to something about acting styles, I think.

NF is extraordinarly good at playing larger than life characters who do what they do largely out of sheer love for the job, whether he's Captain Hammer, Castle or Mal (well, it's not the job he loves so much as ship and experiencing his idea of freedom), even Caleb, I suppose. I'll leave his ob-gyn from "Waitress" out of this one. Aside from his off-camera personality, I'd say his old-fashioned joy of performance is one of the things that makes him so beloved by fans.

I've never watched "Bones," but it seems to me that Angel was a guy thrust into a couple of jobs (vampire, hero) he never really asked for and didn't particularly want but also could find no way out of and therefore commits to the hilt. That conflict was an essential part of the character and if DB felt like playing a geek fave was a bit of a chore too at times, it probably was something that, as method-influenced actors like to say, he could "use."

Actors don't have to resemble the people they play, but I do think there's a reason certain people and personality types might gravitate to certain roles.
oh, that is a very true article. my siblings and I love Nathan for Firefly but now our 60-something mum loves him too cause of Castle.
I think it's kind of amazing. I'm really happy for Nathan's success

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