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March 17 2011

(SPOILER) Enver Gjokai is on tonight's episode of 'Community'. Entitled "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy".

Enver is playing a character named Lukka.

Pleased as punch to have the fantastic Mr. Gjokai back on our screens.

This is wonderful news. Enver is a phenomenal actor.
Not to mention the fact that I think Community is probably the best show on TV right now.
I saw it the other night at Paleyfest. Great episode. Enver is wonderful as should be expected.
I'm utterly baffled that some show hasn't snatched him up. On Dollhouse he had more range than any other character on the show. He deserves a long term gig somewhere.
He is the lead in a pilot for a USA show, Njal. Somebody did snatch him up. :)

And good news for other Community fans, NBC just renewed it for a 3rd season!

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Can't wait to see him do all out comedy.
Yep, me too. Very excited. I love this show so much.
Out-takes were cute. Ready for the show!
It was (as usual) a very funny episode. After the wide variety of characters he was able to portray on Dollhouse, I hope Enver isn't limited to "that Ukrainian guy" roles. But his performance was solid.
In Enver's new pilot (Eden on USA) he is an American con artist so that will be fun. Lots of opportunity to put on different personas with that. Looks like someone in casting watched Dollhouse.
So - - I watched it.

Funny but suddenly creepy, as things so often are in "Community."

I hope we get to see Eden.
I was pretty disappointed that this was the episode Enver guest starred for. Bleh.

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