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March 17 2011

A familiar face in the list of the hottest alumni from all schools in the 2011 NCAA tournament. Felicia Day named the hottest alumni from the University of Texas.

Impressive that she beat out Renee Zellweger!
Another reason to luv Felicia Day. She went to my alma mater. Hook 'em Horns!
Oh cool ... I didn't realize she went to school here. Now I have something in common with Felicia Day. :-)

Not to be pedantic, but technically that should be "hottest alumna", unless Felicia Day is multiple people.
Alumna. Unless Felicia Day is more than one person.
I believe that Felicia Day is at LEAST 6 or 7 people's worth of awesome :-)
She's a LONGHORN? I don't think I can be her fan anymore. Saw 'em off!
As much as I love her, didn't Renee Zellwegger go there for her B.A.? I know she was accepted for a Ph.D. program in literature before she accidentally got into acting. Love both of them though.
It's odd to see her still described as being "best known" for playing Vi on BTVS. At this point, her BTVS stint seems far less noteworthy than The Guild or Dr. Horrible.
AAAGGGHH! Felicia Day is a Longhorn. Well I guess I will begrudgingly still love her (much like how I begrudgingly love my Longhorn Brother-In-Law). Go AGS!
@BrewBunny - Buffy is syndicated TV that's broadcast all across the globe on a regular basis, whereas The Guild & Dr. Horrible are more cult-based eccentricities, comfortably seated in specific parts of the internet (though they are also on DVD). However, Felicia is the star and creator of The Guild, so I do personally feel that's what she SHOULD be recognized for by the general public. My parents are HUGE Buffy fans, but they've only seen Dr. Horrible once (courtesy of me) and they've no idea what in the hell The Guild even is. Yet, if I mentioned Felicia Day in conversation to my Mom, she'd ask "Who?" and I'd just have to say, "Vi from Buffy. She was the cute redheaded Potential". Only then would she go, "Oh! Yes, I remember!" :)

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