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March 17 2011

Alan Tudyk cast in "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter". Awesome.

Good description.
Oh this is so exciting! Make the description just as much so...
A student in my Screenwriting class is working on this flick. Maybe I can bribe him with good grade to get on set...
Is the book any good? I tried the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies book and gave up about a third of the way through.
Alan Tudyk and Jimmi Simpson in the same movie = Awesome.
I've been avoiding all of these books and even after being given by publishers free copies of both the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the Tom Sawyer book, gave them both away. Just isn't a genre that I'm interested in. But some good people involved in this movie. I'll probably want to see how the reviews go and then make a decision.
Man, this is depressing. I had this same idea 2 years ago. Except instead of vampires, it was Velociraptors. Oh well.

Always happy to see Alan Tudyk in something.
Well, now I really have to see it.
I read 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' and the first half was hilarious (it bogged down toward the end IMO), so I'm thinking as a two hour movie 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer' should be able to keep up the entertainment value. And of course I always love seeing Alan Tudyk!
Like Simon, I didn't make it too far into the P&P&Z mashup, but that probably had more to do with being bored by the original source material (OK, and zombies--pretty played out at this particular point in time). Haven't read this one either, but the concept certainly screams B-movie heaven if it's handled well, and of course this cast addition is nothing but gold.
Wasn't 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' just the original book with minor zombie-related changes? I wasn't interested in it for that reason, but I'm very intrigued about this now. I might buy the book to see what's going on - and rub up on my almost non-existent history of US presidents. (Obviously excluding the informative anamatronic feature at Disneyland/world.)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead = I'm there. Tudyk = I'm so there.
Here's the web trailer for the book (I guess they do that now):
I read the book and enjoyed it for its novelty, but it was hardly great fiction. It's definitely more wink-wink humorous than "horror", and I found the way the author wove the fantasy into real life events to be intriguing and well written. While reading it, I did have the thought that it would make a fun movie. And with both Alan in front of the camera (he'll be great as Stephen Douglas) and Tim Burton producing, I'm in -- although I hope they scrap the 3D aspect.
I tried Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. I really don't recommend it. It wasn't just Austen + monsters. It was exactly as tone deaf to both and they seemed mixed together pretty indifferently. Hopefully this is better?
I would happily go see Alan Tudyk in "The Reading of the Phone Book," so my reaction to hearing Alan Tudyk being cast in almost anything (unless it was something I found downright hateful) is yay!
The trailer for the Night of the Living Trekkies book is hysterical. Now that I would love to see turned into a movie.
I haven't read any of these books, but Abe Lincoln in the 1850s leaves a lot more room for treatment in a variety of tones and approaches than Austen. Someone observed (with reference to To Have and Have Not, the Bogart/Bacall movie based on a minor Hemingway short story) that mediocre fiction sometimes results in better movies than great writing.

Even straight up screen adaptations of Austen novels are hard to do well. Her books have the cinematic advantages of not containing interior monologue or complicated subplots, but screenwriters persist in thinking that they can write better dialogue than she did, or that they need to spell out feelings and intentions that Austen left to the reader's inference. And it's very difficult to match Austen's comedic tone accurately.
I haven't read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies for the simple fact that I loathe Jane Austen (I know, I'm un-American and apparently lose girl credit. I can't stand Mark Twain either, so sue me).

I literally just started this novel two days ago, so this is exciting. It seems very tongue-in-cheek, which I enjoy reading now and again (just finished Hugh Laurie's The Gun Seller ).

The amusing thing about this book: when I was at my local bookstore about a month ago, I found the book in the Biographies section.
Not read any of these (cos a couple of friends did and levelled more or less the same criticisms as folk here) but it could be good as a film. Also, Alan's in 'Transformers 3' ? Tough one. Can I bring myself, even for The Tude ?

(and 'The Gun Seller' is a great read BTW - sort of tongue-in-cheek but it also works well as a thriller in its own right. I know he's doing the music thing now but Hugh Laurie should write more I reckon)
I have read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and it wasn't too bad. It was pretty amusing through most of it, even if the story line was a little odd sometimes. I liked it better than Pride & Prejudice & Zombies because it was a story the author created rather than just adding to the original text from the original author.

Anything Alan is in, I will watch!
Oh thank you Simon, I loved that trailer for 'Night of the Living Trekkies', so funny! I have to say that I love the idea of sticking zombies into stories where they don't belong, it is silly fun.... But I find vampires to be more boring and over done than zombies, however I'm sure seeing Abraham Lincoln killing them will be a hoot (I just hope that Alan Tudyk doesn't die in the first few minutes of the movie, because I'm afraid the Lincoln/Douglass debate will be early on...).
I would happily go see Alan Tudyk in "The Reading of the Phone Book," - Shapenew

Truth. I was intrigued by the movie before I heard the casting news. Now I'm genuinely excited!
I wanted to see this already. Now that Alan is in it, I really want to see this.

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